Tyler Logan
[[Image:[IMG][/IMG]|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Tyler Logan]]
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Height 5ft 11in
Weight 234 lbs
Date of birth December 1 1986
Place of birth Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Resides Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada
Billed from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Trainer Genesis/Seth Hunter, Nicodemus, Justin Case, Harbinger
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Debut December 2006
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Tyler Logan Hunter (born December, 1986) is a Canadian professional wrestler, better known by his ring name, Tyler Logan. He is a current trainer of the School of Honor with his father, Genesis/Seth Hunter, and currently wrestles in the Main-Event Championship Wrestling, where he is awaiting his debut.

He also had wrestled in the Pro Wrestling Honor promotion where he was crowned the first man in PWH history to hold both the PWH World Title and the PWH Pure Title. He is undefeated in Title matches and has only lost 3 matches in his career.

Early Career

Tyler was trained by his father, (Genesis/Seth Hunter), as well as(Nicodemus), (Justin Case),and (Harbinger). Tyler showed alot of promise in his training so (Genesis/Seth Hunter) contacted the owner of Pro Wrestling Honor, Yoshihiro Kabashi, and got a contract for his son.

Professional Wrestling Honor


Tyler Logan debuted in a triple threat match against Shane Kidd and Joey Maguire. Tyler won the match and apparently impressed the owner and recieved a shot at the PWH Pure Wrestling Championship, held by Drake Smashem. Tyler had the match won with his father sitting in the lockerroom, but Meggie Alexander interfered in the match and cost Tyler the Pure Title. Later on in the night, Tyler cost Meggie her match and squared off against her along with Joey Maguire in a three-way "Fight Without Honor" Match. Tyler would go on to win this match with his father looking on from the lockerroom. It was at this time that Seth had disappeared from Pro Wrestling Honor temporarily.

After that Tyler squared off against Drake Smashem, now Drake Corbin, for the Pure Championship in a match where Tyler would win his first Championship. From there, Tyler defended the title against Drake Corbin on more than one occasion as well as defended it against Khaos. After that Tyler would enter into a tournament to crown a new World Champion for PWH. Tyler made it all the way to the finals and faced Dylan Daniels, losing the match in a controversial finish. Tyler received a concussion as well as burns to his face after a combination of a fireball to the face and a shot to the head from a haliburton briefcase that Daniel's wife had slid to him. Tyler would disappear for a few weeks and return with a mask to hide the burns to his face. Dylan Daniels would later be defeated by Adam Steel for the World Title. Adam would then go on to defend the title against Former PWH World Champion, Bill Graves and Tyler Logan in a Triple Threat Match. Bill Graves won the World Title after pinning Adam Steel. Tyler would then be released from his contract due to presonal issues with PWH Co-Owner, Rob Hellman.

Tyler would disappear for a while and then reappear unknowingly to the Owner's of PWH as well as the fans and roster members under the guise of former PWH World Champion, Bill Graves. Bill had lost the PWH World Title to Justice and disappeared, so Tyler saw the opportunity to slide back into Pro Wrestling Honor. After winning a triple threat match against Justice and DJ, Tyler would reveal his plan to be a success to Pro Wrestling Honor and finally claimed the PWH World Title. Tyler would then go on and defend the title not only in Pro Wrestling Honor against Khaos and then Bryan Burke, but also in two other promotions, Gojira Pro and Xtreme Pro Lucha Libre. Gojira Pro being a promotion in South Philadelphia and XPLL being a promotion in Mexico. Tyler would also defend the title in Ultimate Wrestling Alliance against Wylde Tyger and Pegasus Dynamo. Tyler was set to face Dylan Daniels, Chris Cannon and Reno Michaels in the second ever, Survival of the Sickest Match. Due to much of the roster leaving PWH, including all three opponents, Pro Wrestling Honor was forced to be closed down, thus solidifying Tyler Logan as the only man in PWH History to hold BOTH the PWH Pure Title and the PWH World Title and as well as solidifying him as the longest reigning champion EVER in Pro Wrestling Honor in both the Pure Division and the World Division as well as the Tag Division. Noone has ever held a championship in PWH longer than Tyler Logan.

Main-Event Championship Wrestling


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Personal Life

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Wrestling Facts

Finishing and Signature Moves



Theme songs

"Bullet With A Name" by Nonpoint has been the common theme song as of late used by Tyler Logan, but he has also been known to use the following as well.

  • "Pain" by Three Days Grace
  • "Liberate" by Disturbed
  • "Personal Jesus" by Marilyn Manson

Championships and Accomplishments

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