Dangerous Steel Cage Variations

Japanese Torture Match

This very dangerous match has a ring surrounded by a metal steel cage with spikes all over the metal steel cage covering the outside & inside of the cage. Weapons are aloud, but their are no spikes on the weapons. The only way to win the match is by a referee's 10-count.

WarGames Variations

Bombs Away! Match

This very dangerous match has four hand gernades in circle metal trash cans. The object of the match is to burn all of your opponent's four thirty foot flags completely. Both wrestlers wear flag football flags & if a wrestlers flag gets pulled off (completely) then that wrestler must put the hand gernade back into the circle metal trash can that that wrestler found it in. Once a wrestler throws a hand gernade at the opponent's flags or anywhere in the building the referee & the competing wrestlers run out of the arena. Firefighters are inside the arena & they try to put out the fire. All of the seats in the arena are hung at the top of the arena roof. This match is a dark match because of safety reasons.

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