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The UCTF (Ultimate Crossover Touranment Fighting) League was created in 1998 as an Anime Based "Epic Crossover" Roleplaying Game. In the beginning, The UCTF was made as a showcase of battles between characters from their respective Anime. Since then, it has grown to include characters from EVERY form of Canon, be it Anime, Comics, Movies, Television, and Video Games. The Roleplaying Game is still open, over ten years later.

Recently, the concept has evolved, as the UCTF has been discovered to house the nexus of all realities in the Multiverse. This allows characters from their specific Universe to converge with other characters and do battle.

The Arenas

- The Open Air Arena -

The UCTF stadium is one of the largest stadiums ever built, consisting of three rings, the grand hotel, restaurants, and a large storage area. It is located at the center of Anime Island off the coast of California. This island also houses the many Otaku who live to watch the UCTF, as well as many of the fighters.

The smaller of the two domes is the grand arena, which seats 50,000 people. However, you can also watch fights from the adjoining UCTF official restaurant on the back wall of the arena, which houses 60 tables by the windows featuring a clear view of the arena.

The smallest, yet classiest area of the UCTF stadium is the smaller arena situated between the Grand Arena and the Open Air Arena. It seats only 3000, but contains 200 dinner tables, pool tables, a casino and slot machines, 4 bars (one in each corner) and table side service. Also, anyone lucky enough to have a pass to this exquisite area may enjoy a fight from any arena. This is because of the large lowerable screen which provides easier viewing, as customers arent forced to strain their necks just to view the screens. This is the Emperor's Club, and it's usually where you will find the President and Vice President viewing the fights. Now, on to the third, and by far the largest, arena in the UCTF stadium: The Open Air Arena.

This vast arena seats 95,000. This is a more typical arena, with its main feature being the Grand Hotel. Located on the east side of the open air arena, this hotel has 500 rooms and 200 suites adjoining to the side of the arena. Each room feautres 8 window-side seats from which to view the arena. This arena also houses a large warehouse on its west side used mainly for storage of UCTF items, but also has plenty of open space for any activites that may take place within. The arena also features video archives, where copies of all fights held in the arena are stored.

- The Mecha Arena -

Just completed on June 24th 2000, The Mecha Battle Arena was built to host the huge mobile suit battles. Up until the completion of this arena, these battles were fought in different parts of the globe. However, UCTF fighters soon complained that they had to pay for damages, so Vegeta dug into his pocket and had this huge structure built. UCTF's Mech Arena is the largest and most technologically advanced arena ever constructed.

The dome enables the UCTF to store the mechs inside the arena, while at the same time giving them a great deal of jumping and flying room. The dome is constructed out of synthetic diamond, making it virtually unbreakable, and is reinforced with a special titanum alloy.

The connecting Grand Hotel features a top floor restaraunt with a panoramic view and observation deck. Atop this building are the radio antennas and dishes which are used for broadcasting of the UCTF.



Seating runs around the perimeter of the arena behind a wall of material similar in composition to that of the dome. This shielding protects the viewers against stray bullets, missiles, etc. Above these seats are gigantic viewscreens capable of displaying multiple images of the match to show different angles, mech stats, records, etc. The screens are also shielded in the same fashion as the seats.

The two huge doors near the rear of the arena allow the entrance and exit of mechs into the arena.

The honeycomb pattern on the arena floor is the largest matter-induction array in history. This array takes energy and converts it into solid matter, allowing the arena to mimic actual environments . When these environments are created, they are as real as real gets. Therefore they can assume the form of a city, mountain range, or something that has its very own dangers like lava or booby-traps. Because the array converts the matter back into energy after the match ends, any damage to the virtual battleground costs nothing. The array also accomodates fancy entrances by creating customized entryways in front of the doors.

The Island

Anime City is housed on an Island aptly named "Anime Island." This Island appeared in the fall of 1998 just before competition began. Inhabited with over 5 million people, it is unknown how they got there or their origins. To the inhabitants, they have been on the Island all of their lives. Famous Anime Citizens include Minami Shu, a.k.a. Kittie and Former UCTF Anime Champion Yuki Kogarashi.

Weekly Events


UCTF Saturday Massacre's Logo

Wild Wednesday Originally "Weird" Wednesday, UCTF's midweek event. Ran from September 15th 1998 through June 24th 1999.
Friday Fury UCTF's first, weekly show. Ran from September 11th 1998 through May 11th 2001
Saturday Massacre Saturday Massacre is UCTF's longest running show. It went on Hiatus in 1999, only to return on June 2nd 2001, replacing Friday Fury. It has been the UCTF's weekly show since.

Pay Per Views

January Deadly Resolution
February On Your Computer
March Cruel Intentions
April April Fools Day
May Cyberslam
June Summer Chaos
July Only The Strong
August On Your Computer
September Judgment Day
October Inferno
November Carnage
December Winter Warfare

Active Championships

UCTF Grand Championship
UCTF Intergalactic Championship
UCTF Weaponmaster Championship
UCTF Tag Team Championship

The Presidents

President Tarot
President Xahji
President Vegeta
President Jeice


Anime Extreme Worldwide
Anime Fight Association
Anime Wrestling Federation

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Ultimate Crossover Tournament Fighting League
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Saturday Massacre
Pay Per Views
Deadly ResolutionOn Your ComputerCruel IntentionsApril Fools DayCyberslamSummer ChaosOnly The StrongOn Your ComputerJudgment DayInfernoCarnageWinter Warfare
GrandIntergalacticWeaponmasterTag Team
Other Accomplishments
Strong ManStrong Woman
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