Current Champion

The current champion is Pat Omega who beat Eddie Stitchard and Pequeno LOKS in a triple threat Ladder match at Champinship Chaos on December 2nd.

Wrestler Date Won Date Lost Defeated
Shawn Davis May 1 2006 May 15th, 2006Karnage
BW Kash May 15th 2006 June 19th, 2006Awarded Title
Shawn Davis June 19 2006 June 26th 2006BW Kash
BW Kash June 26th 2006 July 24th 2006Shawn Davis
Sumara October 24th 2006 November 21st 2006 The Hitman in tournament final
Tomas Montgomery January 21st 2007 February 25th 2006The Hitman, Tommy Danger
Franchise Killer February 25th 2007 April 9th 2007Tomas Montgomery
Tomas Montgomery April 9th 2007 May 23rd 2007 Franchise Killer, XTZ
Tomas Montgomery May 30th 2007 June 5th 2006Franchise Killer
Tomas Montgomery August 20th 2007 August 27th, 2007 Battle Royal
Phoenix August 27th, 2007 December 2nd Tomas Montgomery, Kyle Murphey
Pat Omega December 2nd march 31 2008 Eddie Stitchard, Pequeno Loks

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