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URWL Battle of the Politicans 2008
Promotion URWL
Date October 2008
Venue Verizon Center
City Washington, D.C.
URWL Supercard Chronology
Popular Demand 2008 BOTP 2008 Discontent 2008

URWL Battle of the Politicians 2008 will be a 2008 Unnecessary Roughness Wrestling League supercard. Not much is known about the event, except that it will be the first Battle of the Politicians since 2000 and it will take place from the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. sometime in October 2008. The event's opening match will be the first-ever Rantboard War match, pitting six URWL wrestlers (representing six different Rantboard members) against one-another for a shot at the URWL Championship and a chance for the Rantboard member to book an episode of URWL Wrestling.

Event History

The Battle of the Polticians supercard takes place every United States Presidential Election year (every four years). The last Battle of the Politicans event was held in 2000 (there wasn't one held in 2004 because the URWL was closed at the time). Because this supercard takes place every four years, special gimmick matches and unexpected occurances are bound to take place.

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