URWL HighFlyer Title
Current champion CobrA
Date Won May 6th, 2007

The URWL HighFlyer Title is the most prestigious title belt of the Unnecessary Roughness Wrestling League's HighFlyer Division.


The URWL HighFlyer Title was originally known as the URWL Lightweight Title from 2000-2002. The title (and division) changed its name in early 2002 and remained through the URWL's tenure as United National Wrestling.

Milestones and records in the belt's history

  • CobrA holds the record for the longest URWL HighFlyer Championship reign (May 6th, 2007-present).


To become eligible for the URWL HighFlyer Title, a wrestler must weigh under 230 pounds and have an arial-based, high-risk, lucha libre or modern "hybrid" wrestling style.

Current champion

The current champion is CobrA, who is in his second reign. He defeated Victor Cordaro for the vacant title belt on May 6th, 2007 during Episode 2 of the URWL on YouTube.

CAW Era Title History

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes: Successful defenses:
CobrA 2 May 6th 2007 Orchard Park, NY Defeated Victor Cordaro (Title Vacant) 5

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