URWL Womens' Championship
Current champion Great White North
Date Won December 25th, 2008

The URWL Tag Team Titles are the only title belts of the Unnecessary Roughness Wrestling League's Tag Team Division.


The URWL Tag Team Titles were established when the URWL opened in 2000. The belts were redesigned a number of times, the most notable redesign coming in the YouTube Era. There were other Tag Team Titles at one point during the URWL's history (such as the UNW Hardkore Tag Team Titles and the URWL United States Tag Team Titles) but such belts were short-lived and permanently retired only months after their debut.

The "Turmoil Rule"

The popular "Turmoil Rule" was implemented by URWL CEO Goldash007 after The Self-Proclaimed Icons dropped the belts because of injury. The rule states that if the URWL Tag Team Titles ever become vacant, the only way another tag team can win the title is through the brutal Tag Team Turmoil Match, where three tag teams appointed by the CEO and booking staff collide in a three-way tornado tag team match with hardcore rules. So far, the only implementation of the "Turmoil Rule" was at URWL Discontent 2007, where The Downfall Syndicate, Merle & Hog and E.O.E. met in Tag Team Turmoil II.

Current champions

The current champions are Shaun McAndrew and Kyle Stafford, who make up the team of The Great White North. They are in their first reign. They defeated E.O.E. and The Downfall Syndicate to win the belts, during URWL Popular Demand 2008 in Los Angeles, CA on December 25th, 2008.

CAW Era Title History

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes: Successful defenses:
The Self-Proclaimed Icons 1 April 1st 2007 Orchard Park, NY Defeated Merle & Hog and ScorpbrA (Title Vacant) 1
The Downfall Syndicate 1 January 18th 2008 Buffalo, NY Defeated Merle & Hog and E.O.E. (Title Vacant/Turmoil Rule) 1
The Great White North 1 December 25th 2008 Los Angeles, CA Defeated The Downfall Syndicate and E.O.E. 1

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