United Tours Wrestling Alliance is an E-federation founded in 2008 by Mariah. It was originally going to be somewhat of an indy fed, but inside workings turned it into a developmental territory promotion for Underground Wrestling Entertainment.

United Tours Wrestling Alliance
Federation Name United Tours Wrestling Alliance
Abbreviation UTWA
Shows None Currently
Time open June 3rd 2008 - Present
Owner(s) KiKi DiSilva
Creator KiKi DiSilva
Headquarters in Currently Undisclosed
Federation type Role-play based/Dice-Fed
Parent Underground Wrestling Entertainment
Pay-per-views Currently Undisclosed
Webpage [1]



On June 3rd, 2008 ((Though unofficially)) UTWA began it's first event, in a dark match. The matches of note were designed for a tournament to win the UTWA Global Championship Title. The first match was Aaron King Vs. Ryan Stevens, which Aaron King won. Ryan Stevens demanded a rematch, and was given one, against Lucas Murman , which he also lost. It would be more weeks before another match was scheduled, with Lucas Murman facing off against Black Dragon, which Murman won.

Current Roster

Current Champions

Championship Current Champion(s) Date won Date aired
UTWA Championship N/A --- 2008 --- 2008
UTWA Tag Team Championship N/A --- 2008 --- 2008

Current UTWA Roster
CEO KiKi DiSilva
Wrestlers Aaron KingBlack Dragon • Evian Bishop • Isis • John Pierce • Jonathan Sprague • Lance Storm • Lisa Moretti • Lucas Murman • Tommy LiMahl • Ryan Stevens • Terrence Williams
Stables S.E.X.

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