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UWE After Hours is a professional wrestling show for Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment. The show is run by General Manager Dirty Drew and airs live every Thursday. UWE After Hours is complimented by it's sister show UWE Rapture, which is run by Destiny.

After Hours
Show/Brand Name After Hours
Creator uWe
Current GM Dirty Drew
Opening Theme Out of Control by Hoobastank
Country of Origin Canada
Running Time 2 hours
Format Live
First Aired January 12th, 2006
Original Running Time January 12th, 2006 - Present
Federation type Role-play based


After Hours was created as the primary show for Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment at the beginning of the year 2006. After Hours was created to replace Friday Night Fear, but instead of airing on Fridays the show would air on Thursdays. When Rapture came into play Rapture aired on Mondays. This would return UWE to it's roots with two weekly shows.

Current Titles


Superstars and Divas


  • Drew Reynolds - General Manager
  • Funaki - Backstage Interviewer
  • Lillian Garcia - In-Ring Announcer
  • Maria - Backstage Interviewer
  • Todd Grisham - Ring-Side Announcer
  • Danger - Ring-Side Announcer

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