The uWe Diva Championship is the Women's title for Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment. Only female talent can challenge for the title. The title is currently dormant due in part to UWE allowing women to compete for any title in the company. It is unknown if a new Diva title will be implemented as of June 2014. Women in the UWE can compete for the current titles thus far.


The title was introduced along with the UWE World Heavyweight Championship in the summer of 2004. The title was put up for grabs in a four corners match at Summer Heat 2004

Title history

Wrestler(s): # Times: Date: Notes:
Sandra Blue 1 June 22nd 2004 Sandra Blue defeated Daphne, Shaneequa and Donna Mary to win the newly created Women's title at Summer Heat 2004.
Donna Mary 1 July 30th 2004 Donna defeated six other diva's in a six pac challenge to win the title.
Daphne 1 August 27th 2004 Daphne defeated Donna Mary to win the Diva title at ReVenge 2004.
Shaneequa 1 October 15th 2004 Shaneequa destroyed Daphne to win the Diva title.
Donna Mary 2 October 31st 2004 On Halloween at Halloween Hell, Dawn Marie stripped Shaneequafrom her Halloween costume to become the first ever two time Diva champion.
Lucious Leanna Love 1 December 17th 2004 Leanna defeated Donna Mary and Destiny Manning to win the Diva title at Cold Carnage.
Donna Mary 3 March 25th 2005 Donna Mary defeated Leanna Love, Torry, and Terry in an evening gown match at Genesis to win the title for the third time.
Lucious Leanna Love 2 June 27th 2005 Dawn Marie was dethroned by Leanna Love in a six pac match that also involved Alie, Lida, Jen Martin and Michele.
Alie 1 August 19th 2005 Alie won a diva battle royal to capture the womens title.
Sasha Deathstroke 1 October 7th 2005 Sasha Deathstroke won the diva title under the name "Dice", defeating Alie. The title was vacated on November 11th after Sasha was deemed incapable of competing after Monty Brown inflicted her with an injury.
Roxxy Diaz 1 November 11th 2005 Roxxy Diaz defeated Vickie to win the vacant Diva title.
Vickie 1 December 16th 2005 Vickie won a diva battle royal to win the title for the first time.
Patricia 1 February 15th 2006 Patricia defeated Vickie to win the Diva title. The title was vacated on March 1st by Danger.
Krissy Vaine 1 April 1st 2006 Krissy won the vacated Diva title at Genesis II defeating Tammy Sitch and Patricia.
Patricia 2 April 13th 2006 Patricia won the title from Krissy Vaine in a No Disqualification match.
Vickie 2 May 13th 2006 Vickie won a gauntlet match. Vickie eliminated Patricia and Donna Mary.
Torri 1 November 29th 2006 Torri defeated Vickie at November 2 Remember.
Chrystie 1 April 13th 2007 Chrystie won a diva battle royal at Genesis III to win the diva title.
Amy Starr 1 October 31st 2007 Amy Starr captured the diva title in a Ladder Match at Halloween Hell.
Jamie Lynn 1 Date YYYY
Fiona Ferrari 1 Date YYYY
Chrystie 3 Date YYYY
Lily Jackson 1 Date YYYY Title was previously vacated
Krissy Vaine 2 Date YYYY
Chrystie 4 Date YYYY
Lily Jackson 2 Date YYYY
Chrystie 5 Date YYYY

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