The uWe Hardcore Championship is the mid card title on After Hours for Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment uWe


The title was created in September 2006 when the Hardcore fanatic Big J returned to uWe a tournament began on September 7th 2006 ending at ReVenge on September 28th 2006.

Title history

Wrestler Times Date Notes
Rikter Cain 1 September 28th 2006 Rikter Cain won the Hardcore Tournament at ReVenge, beating Drake Hahn.
Big J 1 November 24th 2006 After beating Chaos for the number 1 contendership. Big J would go on to defeat Rikter at November 2 Remember
Skilgannon 1 December 11th 2006 Skilgannon would beat Big J the following Rapture.
Big J 2 December 18th 2006 One week later, Big J would pick up his second win.
Skilgannon 2 January 10th 2007 Skil would get his second win over Big J at Cold Carnage.
Cthuhlu 1 May 25th 2007 Cthuhlu would defeat Skilgannon at the Anniversary show.
JTX 1 June 29th 2007 JTX would to everyone's surprise beat Cthuhlu in at Summer Heat.

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