The uWe International Championship is the mid card title on Rapture for Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment uWe. The current champion is Dark Priest.


The title was created in Mid 2006 when the The U.S. and Intercontinental titles were merged to become the International Championship.

Title history

Wrestler Times Date Notes
The Bman 1 June 22nd 2006 The Bman held both the U.S. and Intercontinental titles when they were merged.
Rey Mysterio 1 August 8th 2006
Davy Blade 1 October 27th 2006
Brandon Sorrow 2 January 11th 2007
Davy Blade 2 January 17th 2007
Brandon Sorrow 3 July 27th 2007 A tournament was held after Davy Blade vacated the title by moving to After Hours. The tournament ended when Brandon won the title at Midsummer Massacre
Ronnie Cage 1 September 10th 2007 Brandon Sorrow lost the International title to Ronnie Cage at ReVenge 2007.
Brandon Sorrow 4 October 1st 2007 In a rematch from Brandon's loss to Ronnie, Brandon recaptured the International title to become the first ever and only 4 time International Champion. IN UWE history Brandon is the second ever 4 time Champion.
Ronnie Cage 2 November 26th 2007 Ronnie Cage used his rematch to get in on a match between number 1 contender Drake Hahn. Darren Matthews was thrown into the mix and Ronnie came out the winner.
Dark Priest 1 March 7th 2008 Dark Priest pinned Drake Hahn to win the International title at the Blood Fest pay-per-view.

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