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Real name John Lawrence
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Height 6'2"
Weight 265 lbs
Date of birth December 17th, 1983
Place of birth Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Date of death
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Resides Memphis, Tennessee, USA
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Debut June 2007
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Viper, (December 17th, 1983) is a Male Wrestler in Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment on the After Hours Brand.

2007-The debut year

Viper debuted in the year 2007, at the Summer Heat PPV. He was on Team After Hours, who was facing off against Team Rapture at the time. The match was a 10-man Captain Falls match. Team After Hours consisted of 'The Blood Note' Styx, who was the captain, Slade, Viper, Wilford, and Mystikal Dragon. Viper lasted a while until being ruled as passed out by the referee, courtesy of Wanderlei Araujo. While this seemed to be the downfall of Team After Hours, Styx came back and hit a Bleed For Me to end the match and pick up a win for After Hours.

Just one week after Summer Heat, the newly formed team of Slade & Viper took on the newly formed team of Dr. Pain & Steel, and Mystikal & Wilford. Dr. Pain & Steel made their debut in this match, but needless to say, it wasn't a very effective one. Slade & Viper continued to climb the tag team ladder.

Slade & Viper finally got their chance at rival Mystikal Dragon in a handicap match. It seemed unfair, but a lot of people felt that Dragon could overcome the odds and put a win under his belt. This was not the case, however, as the team of Slade & Viper prevailed with various team moves.

The Wastelanders' hard work finally paid off, as this week they, along with Philly's Finest got a chance at Bad Attitude's Tag Team Championships. It was a long match, with many close falls for all three teams, but in the end Bat Attitude's Maddogg hit a Give a Dogg a Bone and picked up the win. Shortly after, however, Ministry members and Rapture Superstars Brandon Sorrow and Jake Rifle came down to the ring and attacked the tag champs.

The next week Slade & Viper had the week off, but were back in action the following week. Slade had to take on Dr. Pain, while Viper faced a bit of a tougher challenge, having to face Steel and Mystikal Dragon in a Triple Threat. All the teams in both matches knew that a win could boost their team's chances at a tag title shot, and Mystikal Dragon knew that it would help his singles career. Unfortunately for them, Slade & Viper lost their respective matches, but one loss wouldn't keep down the team as they found out they had a huge tag team match at After the Rapture against the unlikely team of Donovan Carmichael and JTX.

At After the Rapture, the team of Slade & Viper suffered a not-so-unexpected loss against the half brothers Donovan Carmichael & JTX. Their effort was shown in the beginning of the match, as they quickly doubled team Donovan. The two nearly tore him apart before Donovan gained control. JTX was soon tagged in, though, and begin to pummel Viper before hitting the Jaw Dropper. Donovan tagged himself in and hit Hard Justice on Viper before knocking Slade off of the apron and getting the win. Unfortunately for Donovan, JTX came in, delivered a kick, and hit the Jaw Dropper before holding his title high.

In Wrestling


-DDT -Suplex -Back Body Drop -Clothesline -Standing Dropkick -Scoop Slam -Tree of Woe -Superplex -Powerbomb -Sitdown Powerbomb -Full Nelson -Full Nelson Slam -Hip Toss -Snapmare -Inverted Backbreaker -Bulldog -Headlock Takedown -Reverse DDT -Boston Crab -Fireman's Carry

Signature Moves

-Impaler DDT -Spinebuster -Sitout Spinebuster


Finisher Move 1: Snake Poison {Pumphandle Slam}

Set-up Finisher 1:{Viper pulls one of the opponent's arms back between their legs and held, while hooking his other arm. He then uses the hold to lift the opponent up over his shoulder, and performs a powerslam.}

Finishing Move 2: Fangs

Set-up Finisher 2: {Gets opponent in Powerslam position, then runs and drops to his knees, driving Viper's shoulder into opponent's midsection. From that position, Viper does a powerslam.}



"Snake poison kills."

Entrance Music

Past: Let Me Go(Non lyrical version) Current: Scars


Slade & Ryan Starr

Stable(s) & Tag Teams

Hostile Takeover The Wastelanders(With Slade)


Number one contender along with Slade to the uWe Tag Team Title

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