The uWe World Heavyweight Championship is the main title for Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment


The title was created in June 2004 and was put up for grabs in a tournament by uWe Owner and General Manager Destiny Manning. The title was first branded the uWe Men's title, but was quickly rebranded the uWe World Heavyweight Championship.

Title history

Wrestler(s): Reign #: Date: Notes:
Danger and Chaos 1 June 22nd 2004 Danger and Chaos caused the Undertaker to double tap out and they were crowned the first ever and joint World Champions.
Danger 2 July 30th 2004 Danger and Chaos forfeit the title, but Danger won the sole rights to the title and was crowned a two time champion.
The Deadman 1 August 27th 2004 Danger lost the title to The Deadman.
Paul The Chosen One 1 October 11th 2004 Defeated The Deadman with the help from Spencer.
Chaos 2 December 17th 2004 Chaos defeated Paul The Chosen One at Cold Carnage.
Danger 3 March 25th 2005 Danger defeated Chaos in Three Stages of Hell to win the World title for the third time at Genesis.
Ryan Starr 1 August 19th 2005 Ryan Starr beat Danger and Adam Shadow in a triple threat.
Brian Duskey 1 February 8th 2006 Brian Duskey cheated to win the title by using a tazer.
Dirty Drew 1 April 1st 2006 Dirty Drew won the title for the first time in a triple threat match at Genesis II by pinning Brian Duskey with a roll-up.
The Bman 1 July 21st 2006 The Bman defeated Dirty Drew at Summer Heat 2006 to win the title.
Danger 4 August 17th 2006 Danger became the first four time champion ever when he defeated Bman on an edition of After Hours.
Dirty Drew 2 October 2nd 2006 Dirty Drew won a Red Cross Match to capture the title for the second time.
Rikter Caine 1 October 31st 2006 Rikter Caine escaped a Steel Cage to win the title from Drew.
Dante Nathaniel 1 November 29th 2006 Dante Nathaniel wins the title at November 2 Remember.
Dirty Drew 3 February 21st 2007 General Manager Dirty Drew booked himself in a World title match against former Underdog stablemate Dante Nathaniel. The match was a TLC match.
The Deadman 2 April 13th 2007 The Deadman defeated Dirty Drew at Genesis III to capture the World title for a second time.
Ryan Starr 2 June 29th 2007 Ryan Starr defeated The Deadman at Summer Heat 2007 to win the World title for a second time.
The Deadman 3 July 9th 2007 The Deadman won the World title back in a rematch from Summer Heat 2007. This time the match was a Casket Match.
David Stone 1 December 28th 2007 David Stone would defeat The Deadman at Christmassacre.
Rikter Caine 2 Date YYYY
Krissy Vaine 1 Date YYYY
Ryan Starr 3 Date YYYY
Maddogg 1 Date YYYY
Steve Norton 1 Date YYYY
Ryan Starr 4 Date YYYY
Steve Norton 2 Date YYYY
Dirty Drew 4 Date YYYY
Chaz Penderton 1 Date YYYY
Ronnie Cage 1 Date YYYY
The Bman 2 Date YYYY
Asylum 1 Date YYYY
Brandon Moore 3 Date YYYY
Asylum 2 Date YEAR
Lara Pegorino 1 Date YYYY
Ronnie Cage 2 Date YYYY

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