The uWe World Tag Team Championship is a tag team championship in Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment. The titles are currently inactive.


The title was created by Destiny and placed in a tournament where teams of randomized superstars were put together.

Title history

Wrestler Times Date Notes
Danger and Daphne 1 October 22nd 2004 Danger, by himself, defeated Chaos & Mark Jay along with Nick Corvo and Zeke Starr to capture the titles by himself. Danger later awarded the other title to his then girlfriend Daphne.
Da Unbreakables 1 February 25th 2005 Da Unbreakables defeated Danger and Daphne to win the titles.
The False Prophets 1 April 8th 2005 Death By Design (Chaos and J.C) and Da Unbreakables (Malicious and Bona Fide) lost the match.
Death By Design 1 April 15th 2005 Chaos and J.C. managed to win the tag titles at X-Factor 2005.
Da Unbreakables 2 June 27th 2005 Da Unbreakables won the titles back from Death By Design.
New Found Glory 1 October 31st 2005 Davy and Danny Blade won the tag titles on their debut.
Death By Design 2 November 25th 2005 Death By Design (Chaos and J.C.) won the titles back.
Too Cool Sumo's 1 January 20th 2006 The Too Cool Sumo's won the tag titles in a dark match.
Death By Design 3 February 8th 2006 Death By Design (Chaos and J.C.) won the tag titles back at a House Show.
Powerplant 2.0 1 June 22nd 2006 2006 Powerplant 2.0 (Blakout and Ricky Martinez) defeated Death By Design and Brian Duskey in a handicapped tag match to win the tag titles and the first ever uWe Tag Cup tournament.
Angels of The Abyss 1 October 31st 2006 The Angels of The Abyss won a ladder match that also included Powerplant 2.0, Tyler Durden and Joey Jammz.
Project Mayhem 1 February 21st 2007 Project Mayhem defeated the Angels of The Abyss in a ladder match to claim the tag titles.
Ghetto Gospel 1 April 13th 2007 Ghetto Gospel won the tag titles at Genesis III in the opening match.
Bad Attitude 1 May 25th 2007 Bad Attitude won the tag titles at a UWE Anniversary show.
Ministry of Darkness 1 September 17th 2007 Brandon Sorrow and Cthuhlu defeated Joker and Maddogg on an edition of Rapture to capture the tag titles.
Bad Attitude 2 December 28th 2007 Bad Attitude regained the tag titles in a Streetfight at Christmassacre.

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