The United Wrestling Fusion (UWF) Metal Championship was a specialty championship in United Wrestling Fusion. All matches for the Metal Title were fought using a gimmick involving a metal item of some kind.


Creation of the Championship

All matches for the Metal Championship were fought under special stipulations, always involving metal. Vic Malato defeated Cobain in a Chair Match to become the first champion on an episode of Avarice on January 2, 2003.

LWF Takeover

In July 2003, UWF was purchased by the Lock Wrestling Federation. At Meltdown, the Metal Title was retired when it was unified with the LWF Technial Championship when Nomad defeated CJ Diamond.

Title history

Wrestler: Reign: Date: Show: Notes:
Vic Malato 1 January 2, 2003 Avarice Defeated Cobain in a Chair Match
Chef 1 January 16, 2003 Avarice This was a Cage Match
Stebomb 1 March 30, 2003 Global Disaster This was a Scaffold Match
Jax 1 April 27, 2003 Dire Straits This was a Cage Match
Vacant May 23, 2003 Vacated by Commissioner Bane
CJ Diamond 1 June 6, 2003 Avarice Defeated Jax in a Chair Match
Nomad 1 August 24, 2003 Meltdown Unified with LWF Technical Championship

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