The Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF) Universal Tag Team Championship is the primary tag team professional wrestling championship in the UWF.


Record: Record holder: Record number: Notes:
Most reigns Team EGO 3 Won the titles on three separate occasions: at SummerStorm '98, SummerStorm '99 via forfeit, and Maximum Carnage.
Longest reign 4:20 Stinger/Swingin' Rex 44 days Made the challenge to Team EGO at SummerStorm '99. EGO accepted, and the youngsters pulled off the upset.
Shortest reign Team EGO <1 days Immediately after receiving the Universal Tag Team Titles, they are challenged by two newcomers, 4:20 Stinger/Swingin' Rex. Due to some miscommunication, the two newcomers pull off the upset and win the titles. EGO would go on to regain the gold at Maximum Carnage.
Heaviest champion Barbarian Brothers c. 624 lbs (283 kg) Won the titles at Tomorrow Nevermore '98.
Lightest champion 4:20 Stinger/Swingin' Rex c. 499 lbs (226 kg) Won the title at SummerStorm '99.

See Also

UWF Universal Tag Team Title History[1]

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