The Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF) Welterweight Championship is a professional wrestling championship in the UWF. It is challenged by "Welterweights" [wrestlers at 235 lbs. or under.]


Record: Record holder: Record number: Notes:
Most reigns Renegade 2 After losing to Harley Davidson on Wednesday Night War, Renegade recaptured the title, bringing him to 2 reigns.
Longest reign Spud 59 days Won on an edition of Wednesday Night War and held the title until Cage-a-Rama.
Shortest reign Prince Nakamaki 3 days Won the title at Cage-a-Rama, then lost it 3 days later to Spoogie.
Heaviest champion Renegade c. 235 lbs (107 kg) Won the title at Season's Beatings.
Lightest champion Spoogie c. 175 lbs (79 kg) Won the title at Wednesday Night War.

See Also

UWF Welterweight Title History[1]

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