The Universal Wrestling League (UWL) World Championship, originally named the UWL Heavyweight Championship, is the top title contested for e-fed Universal Wrestling League.


A champion was first crowned when Jason Christopher defeated Flap Flanagan on December 28, 2005 at UWL Television Taping.

To-date, Shawn Stevens has the longest reign as Champion, lasting just two days shy of seven months. It was Stevens who at a Lion's Road event, in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada on August 5, 2006, helped the championship earn World Title status when it was first defended outside the United States in a match between himself and Cody Cross. To further lay claim to the UWL Championship being a "World Title", Tito Capaci defended the UWL Title on October 23, 2006 in Berlin, Germany on a UWC event. The UWL Championship would again be defended out of the US again on July 16, 2008 in Liverpool, England, this match saw the crowning of Robbie Venom as Champion.

Current Champion

The current Champion is Robbie Venom who is in his first reign. He won the belt at Live in Liverpool on July 16th in a Fatal Four Way involving Mark Faith, Thaurer and former Champion Ciarán McConnell.

List of Champions

Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Location: Notes:
Jason Christopher 1 December 28, 2005 Knoxville, Tennessee Defeated Flap Flanagan in a tournament final.
Josh Eagles 1 February 18, 2006 Knoxville, Tennessee
Shawn Stevens 1 March 15, 2006 Knoxville, Tennessee
Cody Cross 1 August 5, 2006 Owen Sound, Ontario This match took place at a Lion's Road show. Because of this match, the UWL Championship attained World Title status.
Tito Capaci 1 September 29, 2006 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Flying Diamond Cutter Man 1 December 12, 2006 Knoxville, Tennessee
Josh Eagles 2 April 26, 2007 Knoxville, Tennessee
Leon Moxy 1 May 17, 2007 Knoxville, Tennessee
Josh Eagles 3 June 14, 2007 Knoxville, Tennessee
Shawn Stevens 2 July 11, 2007 Knoxville, Tennessee This match was a Tag Team match where Stevens/Eagles took on Jeff Paradise and Scott Moore. Stevens made Moore tap out to win the belt.
Matt Mathews 1 February 9, 2008 Roanoke, Virginia This was an "Ultimate Enudrance" Match. Shawn Stevens was eliminated first, and thus there was no way he could retain the Championship. Mathews won the belt by eliminating Brad Hunter to finish the match.
Thaurer 1 May, 15, 2008 Knoxville, Tennessee
Ciarán McConnell 1 June 7, 2008 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Triple Threat also involving Matt Mathews.
Robbie Venom 1 July 16, 2008 Liverpool, England Fatal Four Way also involving Mark Faith and Thaurer.

List of Reigns by Length

Bold denotes the current Champion. The list is accurate as of December 18, 2009

Wrestler: Days Held: Date Won: Date Lost:
Robbie Venom 318+ July 16, 2008 Current Champion
Shawn Stevens 213 July 11, 2007 February 9, 2008
Shawn Stevens 143 March 15, 2006 August 5, 2006
Flying Diamond Cutter Man 135 December 12, 2006 April 26, 2007
Matt Mathews 96 February 9, 2008 May 15, 2008
Tito Capaci 74 September 29, 2006 December 12, 2006
Cody Cross 55 August 5, 2006 September 29, 2006
Jason Christopher 52 December 28, 2005 February 18, 2006
Ciarán McConnell 39 June 7, 2008 July 16, 2008
Leon Moxy 28 May 17, 2007 June 14, 2007
Josh Eagles 27 June 14, 2007 July 11, 2007
Josh Eagles 25 February 18, 2006 March 15, 2006
Thaurer 23 May 15, 2008 June 7, 2008
Josh Eagles 21 April 26, 2007 May 17, 2007

  • Robbie Venom's reign was paused on January 14th 2009 due to the hiatus took by UWL between then and August 2009. The reign was resumed August 6th - the date of UWL's return TV Taping.

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