Ultimate Championship Wrestling
Federation Name Ultimate Championship Wrestling
Abbreviation UCW
Weekly shows IMPULSE
Previous names None
Time open Oct 2006-
Current interfederation None
Owner(s) Logan McManus
Based in North America
Federation type Roleplay & Storyline based
Pay-per-views Every 8 weeks
Website UCW Web Site
Ultimate Championship Wrestling,Inc.
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Company Profile
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Founded 2006
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HeadQuarters San Diego, California, USA
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Industry Professional wrestling, sports entertainment
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Key People Logan McManus Owner
Thomas Parker Chief executive officer
Shannon Hathaway Executive Vice President of Global Media
,Amanda L. Capps, Executive Vice President of Creative Writing
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Homepage UCW Web Site

Company History

Expansion beyond wrestling

In addition to licensing wrestling and performers' likenesses to video game companies such as EA and THQ to capitalize on the market for their entertainment dollar, UCW has moved into other areas of interest in order to market their product.

  • UCW Films: A subsidiary of UCW created in 2007 to create and develop feature film properties for the professional wrestlers within the company.
  • UCW JAPAN: A retail and entertainment establishment that is located in Tokyo, Japan and owned by UCW.
  • UCW Records: A subsidiary that specializes in compilation albums of UCW wrestlers' entrance themes. Also releases titles that have been actually performed by the wrestlers themselves.
  • UCW Home Video: A subsidiary that specializes in distributing compilation VHS and DVD copies of UCW supershow events, compilations of UCW wrestlers' performances, and biographies of UCW performers.
  • UCW Books: A subsidiary of UCW that serves to publish autobiographies of and fiction based on UCW personalities, behind-the-scenes guides to the UCW, illustrated books, calendars, young adult books, and other general nonfiction books.

Main Roster

This is a list of people employed by/and or under contract to Ultimate Championship Wrestling (UCW).

Male Wrestlers

  • Adrian Scott
  • Alexis Morningstar
  • Angel Felicity
  • Brendan Farroni
  • Clark Santos
  • Dave Johnson
  • Edge
  • Frankie Kazarian
  • Jadyen Haze
  • Jeff Hardy
  • Joey Mercury
  • John Cena
  • Johnny Nitro
  • Joseph Havock
  • Ken Kennedy
  • Kevin Kage
  • Logan McManus
  • Randy Orton
  • Raw Dawg

Female Wrestlers


  • Candice Michelle
  • Felicia Stratham
  • Jeanette Daniels
  • Melina Perez
  • Rori McManus
  • Tara Piper


  • Jack Chioda - Senior Official
  • Thomas Dillenger
  • Steve Irwin Jones

Other On-Air Talent

Stables & Tag Teams

UCW Executive Officers

  • Logan McManus (Chairman)
  • Thomas Parker (CEO)
  • Bridgette LaSalle (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Shannon Hathaway (Executive Vice President, Global Media)
  • Kevin Dunn (Executive Vice President, Television Production)
  • Jarrod J. Herpe (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Heather E. Shadows (Executive Vice President, Consumer Products)
  • Elle B. Birch (Executive Vice President, Marketing)
  • Amanda L. Capps (Executive Vice President, Talent and Creative Writing)
  • Edward L. Kaufman (Executive Vice President and General Counsel)
  • Eric Brenner (Senior Vice President, Talent Relations)
  • Shannon Williams (President, UCW Films)
  • Brandon "Twitch" McGrath (Executive Producer of UCW Television, Talent Care Relations)

UCW Board of Directors

  • Logan C. McManus (Chairman of the Board of Directors - UCW)
  • Thomas Parker (Chief Executive Officer - UCW)
  • Bridgette LaSalle (Chief Operating Officer - UCW)
  • David Kenin (Executive Vice President of Programming - Hallmark Channel)
  • Joseph Perkins (President - Communications Consultants, Inc.)
  • Michael B. Solomon (Managing Principal - Gladwyne Partners, LLC)
  • Robert A. Bowman (Chief Executive Officer - Major League Baseball Advanced Media)
  • Christopher Alexander-(Senior Road Agent, Talent Relations)
  • Newman Warrick - (Senior Road Agent, Talent Relations)

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