Ultimate Chaos Wrestling
Federation Name Ultimate Chaos Wrestling
Abbreviation UCW
Weekly shows Crisis Night(wednesday)
Caged Mayhem (Saturday)
WebFare (Posted Sundays)
Previous names None
Time open April 5, 2007 - present
Owner(s) Steve Borden - CEO
Paul Heyman - Chairman
Managment Staff Tito Mason - Commisioner (Incharge of Crisis Night)
Mike 'Cage' Maxwell - Executive Assistant and self procalimed 'Da Excellent Authority guy"(Assisting control Over Crisis Night)
Marianna Darguila - Director of Authority (Assisting Pual Heyman in Running Caged Mayhem)
Based in World Wide
Federation type Roleplay based
Pay-per-views Starting Point(Aug)
Rise Up(Sept)
Souled Out(Oct)
One City Bloodbath(Nov)




The UCW got it's Start in Early 2007, under the financial backing of what was it's Cheif Executive Officer, Steve Borden, known to many as 'The Icon' Sting in Eric Bishoff's World Championship Wrestling, and later Returned to Jerry and Jeff Jerrett's Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling, and who was Supposed to be the Official Owner, Former 'Rockers' Member with Shawn Michaels, Marty Janetty. Merely Hours before UCW's Premier Show, Wednesday's Crisis Night, Janetty Sold his share to a young woman who was supposed to be the Commisioner of UCW, Candy Starlight. Candy's first week in full command left much to be desired with a flimsy Card, and an injury to close the main event. The week's opener proved to lead to a Main Event Size Rivalry between John Cena and Up and Comer Iron Beast. Iron Beast got a Lucky win over the 'Champ' in that first match, and was screwed time and time again over the coming weeks as John Cena's Freind, Ethan Styler, the OVW Champion came to Assist Cena. After Match 4 these two had such and intense Hatred for eachother, Though Beast had an inset hatred for Styler after his Stint in OVW, Candy Proceeded to put the two heated stars in a Chaos World title Shot. A Match that shook England to it's Core. During this Time, Candy had devloped a relationship with Ken Kennedy, and that romance was being destroyed by UCW's Lesbian Power Couple, Trish Stratus and Gail Kim, Who had come across a video tape of Miss Starlight and an UCW Elitist by the name Of Shindo, Shindo was Promtly Suspended without explanation and The LPC Proceeded to make the Life of the UCW ChairWoman hell. Despite this she kept her head in the game as she gave John Cena an oppertunity to redeem himself with another Chaos World Title Shot two weeks after he failed to get the gold. This Time the two men faced off in 1000 lighttube Barbed Wire Match that left both men drained of stamina, blood, and consciousness. The Crowd stomped int unison with the music of Iron Beast as he was declared the winner.

Lights Faded

Candy Soon parted after continous pleading with the board to do something about the sex tape that was ruining her personal, professional, and even her family life. Soon After WMW owner Mike 'Cage' Maxwell was named the Executive Assistant and begin making Changes including UCW's Open Door Policy which allowed people to come in from other feds and compete without a contract, as well as defend another fed's title on UCW Television, tricking Trish Stratus into being his personal assistant. Naming Matches that would sell big with the WMW Following that UCW had picked up, Naming Trish and Gail for a match against eachother to see who got a title shot for UCW's PostMortumSyndrome (PMS) Title at UCW's first Pay-Per-View Event, Starting Point. Gail was given the spot by her wife, but Cage wasn't satified with Trish's Performance and started the match over with another prize. Another Match would See Scott Anderson, former WMW Champion face off against former WMW Jobber and UCW Chaos World Champion Iron Beast. Iron Beast made the Statement that Scott's victory would get him a Title Shot at Starting Point, and Cage Promised that if Beast won he'd piss someone off by bringing something from WMW to UCW. Beast won, and was Promised a WMW Gothic Title Shot, the Gothic Champion, who hated the title as much as Cage burn it down in a trash can. Beast was given the chance to choose his opponent as the belt was reforged to say 'Ultimate Chaos Wrestling'. The choice was hard seeing as Angel could not be forced into a UCW banner match, So he turned to the talent of UCW, Finding Death's stunt of murdering a new comer known as Vulchur. but as he was begining to make the announcement, he was pleasently surprised by the Grim Reaper, a man who had not been seen much since the Gothic Title had been screwed from him by Cage and Angel. Beast announced 3 Stages of Hell for Starting Point, a Stretcher Match to determine the Gothic Champion, A Taipei Cage of Fear as round 2 and if need be, a TKO Match to determine the Chaos World Champion.

Starting Point

Starting Point Saw the return of Detroits own beauty of the black parade, Candy Starlight assume power once more, as well Contessa Maxwell, Duaghter-in-law- to Dark Angel, the man who destroyed a peice of WMW History, take on Death in an Elevation X match for the Suicidal Title, a match she won with assistance from Eric Draven, a 'then' member of Crow Crisis with Ashe Corven and Alex Corvis. Contessa's Husband, Damien Maxwell saw action against his freind Scott. Gail Kim found herself facing freind, Cammy White-Anderson, wife of Scott Anderson, and New comer Jemima Miller, who earned a spot her first night in an Angels Battle Royal. This night was an Ironwoman match. Jemima made herself comfy on the announce table waiting on the time to run down and the other ladies to wear themselves out, Gail and Cammy each having one Apeice in the final seconds, Mrs. Miller made her way in to pick up the scraps, but celebrated too soon, Gail Kim taking a roll up and a second point with a fraction of a second left on the clock. UCW Showed some respect to older feds, having a freindly Fire match between a WMW pair and an ECW Pair seeing 'The Demon' Xexx Javier Demone representing WMW team with sandman for ECW vs Raven Representing WMW with ECW's own Stevie Richards, Tommy Dreamer made himself the referee, and all hell broke loose as Xexx laid everyone out with a lead pipe and short sledge hammer. Folloeing that was Ashe Corven and Alex Corvis facing D-Generation X Shawn Micheals and Triple H in a Tage Team pinfall Inferno match for the Tag Team Titles, Victory narrowly came to the Crows with assistance from a can of lighter fluid through the fire and a Baseball Bat. More Respect shown and Sarver DeMore, a UCW Elitist and holder of the War of Wrestling World Title, was set to face Blayde the WMW World Champion, but this turned into a war of words, mostly Sarver insulting the WMW, and it's talent. The ring was quickly surrounded by WMW stars who had arrived in hopes of being in the Freindly fire match, Sarver was jumped, but the ring cleared when former 5x WMW world Champion [The man that Blayde had taken to the limit for his WMW world Title], as well as Owner of War of Wrestling [Sarver's Half Brother and 1 of the 5 men he took to the limit in an Elimination Chamber match] Xexx Javier Demone. Xexx declared that his Brother would defend the WoW title in a Fatal Fourway Hell In a Cell Open Challenge at UCW's Next pay per view, Rise Up. After leaving Chase Kamiya made his way down, after spending the entire evening trying to find out who Cage's Wife was cheating on Cage with, it was time to announce what he has found. and the culprit was Trish. Trish coudl say nothing in her defense other than it wasn't her fault Raquel preferred her over her own husband. ECW's Judge Jeff Jones made a Cameo Appearence to Judge Trish as Guilty a fight almost broke out between Trish and Cage's Sister Revenge, but peace was kept for the moment. The Main Event saw Grim Reaper narrowly defeat Iron Beast in the Stretcher match to reclaim his Gothic title, but Scott Anderson being at ringside drove the competitive side of the Chaos World Champion for a victory in the next round, and interference from the nuisance lead to him being chokebombed into Grim Reaper cuaseing the TKO and Iron Beast to retain his title.

A New Era of Darkness

During the Week leading up to UCW's fir Crisis after Starting Point, Candy Starlight found herself in a massive Car Accident that left her in capable of performing her duties. Pual Heyman bought her Share of UCW, and opened a rehabilitation fund for her. After the mourning of UCW's fading Stars, The Night proceeded on with a Draft. As Pual Heyman was primed to open a New Show the following week known as Caged Mayhem. The night saw Legendary Crow Crisis split up, the Tag team champions seperating from freind turned rival, Eric Draven who was siding with Mrs. Contessa Maxwell. All four were eventually drafted to Caged Mayhem. The night went through, the Prime for the UCW P.M.S Championship title shot had her neck broken, and Scott Anderson Called Out the Chaos World Champion.

(To Be Updated over time)


Chaos World Title

Date Implemented: 2 May 2007
First Champion: Iron Beast
Current Champion: Iron Beast
Show Debut: Crisis
Current Show: InterBrand
Total Title Holders: 1

Post Mortum Syndrom Title

Date Implemented: 5 Aug 2007
First Champion: Gail Kim
Current Champion: Gail Kim
Show Debut: Starting Point (PPV)
Current Show: Crisis
Total Title Holders: 1

UCW World Women's Title

Date Implemented: 1 Aug 2007
First Champion: MsChif
Current Champion: MsChif
Show Debut: N/A
Current Show: Caged Mayhem
Total Title Holders: 1

UCW Tag Team Titles

Date Implemented: 5 Aug 2007
First Champion: Crow Crisis(Ashe Corven & Alex Corvis)
Current Champion: Crow Crisis(Ashe corven & Alex Corvis)
Show Debut: Starting Point
Current Show: InterBrand
Total Title Holders: 1

Gothic Title

Date Implemented: Unknown originally, UCW Implemention - 5 Aug 2007
First Champion: Grim Reaper
Current Champion: Grim Reaper
Show Debut: Before UCW's Establishment
Current Show: Caged Mayhem
Total Title Holders: 3

Suicidal Title

Date Implemented: 5 Aug 2007
First Champion: Contessa Maxwell
Current Champion: Contessa Maxwell
Show Debut: Starting Point
Current Show: Crisis Night
Total Title Holders: 1

Dragon's Hide

Date Implemented: 15 Aug 2007
First Champion: Death
Current Champion: Death
Show Debut: Crisis Night
Current Show: Crisis Night
Total Title Holders: 1


Date Implemented: 17 Aug 2007
First Champion: Jason Sabin
Current Champion: Jason Sabin
Show Debut: Caged Mayhem
Current Show: Caged Mayhem
Total Title Holders: 1

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