Ultimate Extreme Class Championship Wrestling Association
Abbreviation UECCWA
Founded 2007
Owner(s) James Wiezorek
Parent(s) UECCWA inc
Based in Michigan
type Professional wrestling, sports entertainment, Hardcore
announcers Play by play:Bubba Dart

Color:Joey Dart

Weekly show(s) ECCWA Warzone

The owner of UECCWA is James Wiezorek. UECCWA was started in 2007 UECCWA fans Love the hardcore and cutting edge wrestling that UECCWA has.

Current Champions

Show Championship
or accomplishment
Current champion(s) Date won
EHCW UECCWA World Heavyweight Championship
UECCWA TV Championship
UECCWA Tag Team Championship


  • UECCWA Full Hardcore Invasion
  • UECCWA Hardcore Rules
  • UECCWA Hardcore Homecoming
  • UECCWA Night of Hardcore

UECCWA History

UECCWA Was a member of the National Championship Wrestling Alliance for shot while. UECCWA is like the old EHCW and they are Extreme as it can it get that why the National Championship Wrestling Alliance hate them for it. Today the UECCWA has an Arena called UECCWA Arena in Ovid Michigan the arena was an old bingo hall.when UECCWA open it's doors a lot of wrestlers came in and made it hardcore.Bubba Dart is the real owner of UECCWA.


  • Tony Snider
  • James Wiezorek
  • The Hardcore Knight
  • Von Kaiser
  • Joe Awsome
  • The Giant Feak
  • ‎AW Pride
  • The Gotham Feak
  • Ron Potter
  • The Steel Hammer
  • Danny HellRiser
  • Mark Storm
  • Jason Fast
  • Steven Sinder
  • Kurt Crazy
  • The Starman
  • Cody Underwood
  • Dustin Little
  • Adam York
  • Tony the Hardcore Smith

Tag Teams

The Hardcore World Order James Wiezorek,Steven Sinder,Mark Storm

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