Ultimate Havoc Wrestling Federation
Federation Name Ultimate Havoc Wrestling Federation
Abbreviation UHWF
Shows Blood Zone (bi-weekly on Monday)
Previous names None
Time open October 1, 2006 - Present
Owner(s) Clyde Wilson
Based in United States
Federation type Roleplay based
Pay-per-views 1 every 2 months
Website None as of yet
Website - Boards UHWF Message Boards

Ultimate Havoc Wrestling Federation (UHWF) is a professional wrestling federation. Clyde Wilson is the founder and CEO of the company. Amongst other management members are Scotty "Bishop" Edwards, Dan "Cypher" Kilburn, Brian Kennedy, Eric Herrera, Sweet Daddy Coconut, and Shion Hikari. It is a professional wrestling organization that is located in North America and it's main headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois.



UHWF began as a modest federation in late September with the first ever Blood Zone to determine the UHWF World Champion. The new fed brought in talent such as Dan "Cypher" Kilburn and Scotty "Bishop" Edwards back into the spotlight amongst other wrestlers. The UHWF had its first show, Blood Zone, October 3rd where Rage was announced the UHWF World Champion.

Moving up to Christmas Nightmares

Due to production costs, UHWF stayed low profile until Christmas Nightmares, where the management planned to split the brand but realized that even though they had a big roster, there were so few showing up to shows because they saw UHWF as too low-profile. Because of this, Clyde raised the production values of the show in Christmas Nightmares and merged many of the belts into the five that are currently there today, the UHWF World Championship, the UHWF Platinum Championship, the UHWF PrimeStar Championship, the UHWF Cruiserweight Championship, and the UHWF Tag Team Championships.

Christmas Nightmares 2

Because of the problem of having too many championships at the end of Christmas Nightmares, Shion Hikari helped co-produce Christmas Nightmares 2 with Clyde Wilson at December 27, 2006 to merge and bring back a few lost UHWF belts. A note about this match is that all matches were Russian Roulette matches, meaning that the opponents did not know the type of matches they were in until the match actually started and a wheel was spinned regarding which match they would fight in. It was also known to have some of UHWF's greatest matches, the most noted of which is the UHWF Tag Team Title match between Nevi'im (Sickle & Jesse Madson) and The Harrison Sisters (Julia Harrison & Kari Harrison) in which the Harrison Sisters came out on top.

The 2007 Campaign

A heavy campaign has begun in UHWF to hype up 2007 as "the year of UHWF". The increased production value from Christmas Nightmares 2 has helped validate this claim of UHWF going to no longer stay under the radar and increase production value in 2007 to become one of the better federations in the industry.

2007 began with an influx of many top names from some top feds. Tag teams legends such as Nature's Rage and The Birds of Prey along with top singles names Pat Labe and Michael Black have all signed up since the beginning of the year to help establish UHWF as a force to be reckoned with in the new year.

Among those being hyped is the promise of at least one Pyramid Cage match sometime this year as well as another Russian Roulette. It is also rumored there may be a match called Pergutory which was found in the archives of Sickle's promotions. UHWF's newest acquisition, Merrill Waters, is also in talks with Clyde WIlson to bring one of his Shadow Cylinder variations to UHWF in 2007.

The UHWF Split with HCW

Due to a number of members being introduced to the UHWF roster, Clyde Wilson agreed that it was time that UHWF would have its own developmental fed. Therefore, HCW was created to allow this talent to go through the ranks of being a star in their own federation. However, due to the size and quality of the stars that they had in their brand, they couldn't just shove them into a developmental federation. Therefore, there are currently talks about giving HCW full federation rights and rivaling with UHWF for members on the roster while helping each other stay in business.

The Tournament of Kings

After Valentine's Day Massacre, where every title but one was changed, Clyde Wilson had to solve the problem of the coming influx of huge stars into UHWF. He couldn't put them all in the Main Event right away, so he decided to sort them out through a special tournament known as The Tournament of Kings. The tournament consists of 12 superstars playing in an NFL-playoff style tournament, where there are 4 first round byes. Two were awarded through matches, one awarded via Title clause (World Title match), and one awarded via lottery. Dan "Cypher" Kilburn defeated "The Chosen One" Dave McIntyre and "Diamond" Jay Guerreri defeated Rage "F'N" Sadler to take the first two slots. Eric Herrera, upon losing to Bishop for the World Title, got the third slot. Scott Stonewall won his bye through a lottery.

Championships and accomplishments

Championship Current champion(s) Held since
UHWF World Championship Scotty "Bishop" Edwards December 25, 2006
UHWF Platinum Championship Merrill Waters February 26, 2007
UHWF PrimeStar Championship Macca February 26, 2007
UHWF Tag Team Championships The Juggalo Ryders (Ringmasta and Ryda) February 26, 2007
HCW World Champion Sickle February 26, 2007

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