The Ultimate Iron Match is a match type created in the Elite Wrestling Alliance by former EWA wrestler Perfect Paul Paras. The match was contested in a wrestling ring containing a conal "lion's den" cage with an opening at the top. A 15-foot high steel cage with steel girdering surrounding the upper perimeter was set up around the lion's den. Outside the ring was an enclosed "cell" structure with a trap door set up in the exact middle of its roof, directly over the lion's den. To win the match, a competitor had to successfully escape all three cages (the first two by any means necessary; the cell had to be escaped through its roof) and have both feet touch the arena floor outside. All weapons and other objects were legal, including any the competitors brought to the ring with them. Variations of the match have been seen since the original contest, such as weapons hanging from the cage and different cage structures.

The Ultimate Iron Match debuted at EWA's Central Carnage Pay-Per-View, held outdoors in New York's Central Park. In the match, El Linchador defeated Marvelous Mario Maurako after Maurako dropped his Nosedive flying headbutt off the cage onto Linchador, who had been thrown onto the hood of a police car below. After the headbutt, Linchador's unconscious body slipped off the hood in a pool of blood and shattered glass, hitting the floor first, winning the match. The match has long been considered one of the greatest EWA matches of all time, and has caused unedited bootleg DVDs of Central Carnage to become very popular among fans.

The match was last seen at OCW Blackout 2006, where Marvelous Mario Maurako defeated longtime rival The Great One.

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