Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment is an E-federation founded in 2004 by Chaos.

Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment

Logo uwe

Federation Name Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment
Abbreviation uWe or UWE
Current Shows UWE Summer Heat Tour 2014
Previous Shows Rapture, After Hours & Magnitude
Time open April 30th 2004 - Present
Owner(s) Destiny Manning
Creator Chaos
Headquarters in Toronto, Canada
Federation type Role-play based
Pay-per-views 1 every month
Boards [1]



UWE was founded in early 2004, but didn't get off of the ground until April 30th. Destiny Manning founded the company and began seeking talent by various methods. UWE finally had it's first show in June. The first two shows of UWE included Mayhem and Fear. Fear was run by Destiny while Mayhem was run by rival Paul Heyman. Despite having two seperate General Managers the shows shared the same talent pool.

Some of the highlights of 2004 included the crowning of the first ever UWE World Heavyweight Champion and the first ever UWE Women's Champion at UWE's first pay-per-view Summer Heat in June. Danger and Chaos became the first two people to hold the World title simultaneously as joint Champions while Sandra Blue became the first ever Women's Champion.

UWE also introdued an Intercontinental title and World Tag Team titles. The Intercontinental Championship would be decided by a battle royal while the first ever Tag Team Champions would be crowned through a tournament featuring both men and women. Mark Jindrak would become the first ever Intercontinental Champion while Danger would go on to winning the Tag titles by himself. Daffney would eventually step in and become a Tag Team Champion along side Danger and become the first and only woman to hold a title contested mainly by male competitors. A Cruiserweight title would also be introduced and awarded to Jamal Glenn.

The rivalry between Destiny and Paul Heyman would be rather exciting as both attempted to take each other out in various plans including placing each other in matches. Destiny and Paul would actually compete against each other with Destiny coming out on top each and every time. Other highlights of 2004 included some racier moments including Dawn Marie being the first diva to be fully exposed on live television. This would be the first of many times a diva has exposed herself on television. The bitter rivalry between Chaos and Danger would heat up as their feud continues much throughout the timeline of the federation

Current Champions

Championship Current Champion(s) Date won
uWe World Heavyweight Champion Steve Norton  Jan 4 2009 
uWe International Champion Joker  May 11th, 200 9
uWe Tag Team Champions Bad Attitude Jan 4 2009 
uWe Hardcore Champion Styx  July 1st 2009
uWe Diva Champion Lily Jackson  May 11th, 200 9


Accomplishment Latest winner Date won
King of The Castle Asylum  May 11th, 2009
Money in the Bank Brian Duskey April 13th, 2007
Babe of the Year Krissy Vaine  Feb 4th, 2009 
Crowning Glory The Bman March 23rd, 2008
Queen of The Castle  Lily Jackson  May 11th, 2009 

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