Federation Name Ultimate Wrestling Organization
Abbreviation UWO
Weekly Show UWO Overdrive
Time open August 12, 1998 - October 7, 2007
Based Out Of Detroit, Michigan
Federation type E-mail; Roleplay Based
Pay-Per-Views Bi-Monthly

Ultimate Wrestling Organization

The Ultimate Wrestling Organization was the epitome of long-lasting greatness, having survived typhoon and tidal wave for nearly nine years. Originally started by Rob Baughman, Mark Didham and Chris Hanna in 1998, the UWO began is growth, building a great foundation for the following years, creating everlasting memories.

The Early Years

On August 12, 1998, three eWrestling participaters were fed up with the way their old federation handled angles and storylines, so instead of try to form a rebellion from within, the trio decided to open up their own federation. Thus, the Ultimate Wrestling Organization was born, thanks to the creative minds of Mark Didham, Chris Hanna and Rob Baughman. Together, the trio handled all of the needed operations, bringing Noah Kelley on board for recruitment.

To start, the over-eager trio began with three weekly shows (Mania, Express, Friday Night Fights) with monthly Pay-Per-Views and Super Shows, and began to quickly lay the groundwork for what would soon become a great federation. On the very first card, a Battle Royal was held to determine the first UWO champion, which would turn out to be Vader. (In the early days of the UWO, right on through until the last re-opening in 2007, handlers were allowed to use real wrestlers as well as created ones.) The original headquarters for the UWO were located in San Francisco, but after too much nice weather, the headquarters were quickly re-located to Detroit, where they now reside.

Before they knew it, 1998 had passed us by and 1999 was upon us. It was to be the first full year of the UWO's active state, and the three men did not wish to disappoint. Continuing their show schedule from '98 (changing Friday Night Fights to Collision Course), they quickly began to plot and plan all of their upcoming angles. It all started early in 1999, with the rise to stardom of one Bret Hart, followed by the mini-war between Bret Harts Hart Attack faction, and the most dominating faction in UWO history, The New Alliance. This extended as the main story until the latter half of 1999 when two of the UWO's key characters, "The Natural One" Rob Awesome and "The World Devastator" Lance Lightstar, began to lay the ground work for their personal war. '99 also saw the merger of the UWO and it's sister fed the EUWA, which was led by Darren Ho. The following year, in the new Millennium, is when things began to get exciting.

Golden Age of Darren Ho

First things first, the original trio of Didham, Hanna and Baughman relinquished control of the UWO to one Darren Ho who took the reigns of the federation. It is during this time that some say is the "Golden Age of Ho", since he was such a great leader for the UWO. His first course of action, was to reduce the amount of weekly shows from three to two (Danger Zone, Blitz), but he kept the Pay-Per-View and Super Show schedule. In his first course of storyline action, he began and continued the rise of one of the UWO's greats in Dream Cast, to the UWO World Heavyweight title. After awhile, however, Ho began to tire of the leadership roll, and handed over control to Brian Ward and Scott Ashley.The two of them managed to handle thing until the beginnig of November of that year, and Scott Ashley was the mastermind behind UWO Legend Tigerclaw's amazing World title reign. This spurred the storyline for the latter half of the year, which was the foot race by all wrestlers to be the one to beat Tigerclaw for the UWO World title. Before the race was over, the reigns of the federation were handed over to Chris Hanna and Joey Crawford. Together, they completed the race, which was won by Jake Menace, and began plotting for 2001.

The beginning of the year was run by the aforementioned Hanna/Crawford duo, who did their best to lead the UWO into success. They first changed one of their weekly shows, Blitz, to Express, and continued to play out an ever shifting World title scene. 2001 also saw the formation of the only faction to rival the New Alliance in dominance, and that being Shades of Grey, who started as a dominant tag team and grew. Around March of this year, Hanna and Crawford stepped down from their post, and Mike Turpin stepped up, seeking assistance from one Ryan Hernalsteen. Together they managed to put together a federation wide war which pitted Sean's Army against the Shades of Grey/Forsaken Alliance. After a few incidences that were nearly fatal, the war culminated at the Basic Combat Pay-Per-View in August with Sean's Army coming out victorious, allowing them to decide the new Commissioner of the federation. One of the UWO's most famous matches was also created in 2001, as Vigilante Justice saw the inauguration of the Ghost Town Match. Another large story that appeared during later 2001, was the on-screen suicide of UWO Legend Dream Cast, who was the first Grand Slam and Super Slam champion. Eventually, Turpin and Hernalsteen later gave up their leadership to that of John Proulx and Scott Ashley, who ran the fed from late 2001 and into 2002.

However 2002 was not such a good year for the federation, as numbers and activeness was down from what it should have been. Sadly, the UWO only lasted a month and a bit in 2002 before it officially closed its doors on February 4, 2002. During the down time, the UWO organized a March Madness Tournament, with hopes that they would receive a lot of active competition that might be interested in joining the federation. However, their plan failed, and all that came out of it was a surprising surgence of UWO character Peter Lenex, and the final victory of Brandy Edwards.

The Rebirth

After an un eventful summer, two brothers, Will and Keith Barrett, both long-time UWO handlers, contacted Mark McLean with the thought of re-opening the federation for what could be one last stab at success. So, on August 24, 2002 the doors finally re-opened. They began running on show a week, entitled UWO Chaos, and changed their monthly supercard layout to a bi-monthly layour, alternating Pay-Per-Views and Super Shows. At this point, the main storyline in the federation, was the J Cup Tournament to determine the UWO World Heavyweight champion, and the verbal struggle between Sean Devereaux, Carlton Phillips and Rob Awesome. The year also saw a bright young star in Peter Lenex, trying to chase the record Intercontinental title reign of Xavier Blue. However, this new trio didn't last long together, as the Barrett brothers soon left, allowing John Proulx to step back up and give Mark McLean a hand.

2003 came through with a bang, and the McLean/Proulx leadership crew continued to remain strong, calling upon the help of an assortment of others when the time called for it. They kept the show schedule and continued to create storylines to entertain the handlers. Most notably, was the on going strife between Rob Awesome and his alleged son Aricin Empire, which ended in the second death scene on UWO television, as the two of them parrished in an explosion. After that, the idea of a crooked Commissioner came about, as John Anderson was implemented as the head of the weekly and monthly shows. During this time, he recruited members to a stable which he dubbed the Unholy Alliance (which was a half-assed rip off of the Ultimate Alliance from 1999) and consisted of Peter Lenex, Tigerclaw, Virus, and Nick Thomson. However, with time, the Alliance began to slowly die down and the original faction officially died in November, after Peter Lenex got fed up with the way Anderson kept screwing up his matches. The fact was seen by Lenex after he lost a fair fight in the UWO's first ever Helloween in a Cell match. The end of 2003 also saw our second suicide of the UWO, as Jimmy Montoya blew himself away.

A New Look

2004 came through and saw another changing of the guard. It first started when Larry Musso was welcomed onto the staff to give the creatively drained Proulx and McLean team an extra brain. They agreed to keep the show schedule the way it was, but eventually Musso began to become less and less involved in the process of leading the federation, and was eventually canned. This then brought Ted Bauer into the fold, a man who was fresh of ideas. However, tensions between Bauer and McLean began to get to a breaking point, which drove Proux out of office. It was at this point, that Ted Bauer assumed control, and continued to piece the federations stories back together. The main story of this time, being an ongoing struggle between the on-screen characters of Mark McLean and Ted Bauer, which saw each man attack the other, and Ted Bauer hiring an office slut in Alexa Harris to be his right hand woman. Ted Bauer plotted to take McLean out, but his plans were halted by one Maxwell Bearberry who was not going to rest for this. This led to the UWO's second annual War Games match which pitted Team Bauer against Team McLean. In the end, Team McLean was victorious and Ted Bauer (the character) was fired. However, Alexa Harris remained in control, and slowly began draining the UWO funds to feed her own needs. In the final weeks of 2004, a group of four men who claimed to be The Shadows began terrorizing Harris and other wrestlers, claiming to be what the UWO had not.

After what some could call a lackluster year in 2004, 2005 was even more action packed with McLean and Bauer still at the helm. In the first card of the year, a three tiered cage match was seen, featuring every able wrestler in the UWO vying for a shot at the currently vacant World title (thanks to syCho who vacated it). The end result saw UWO Hall of Fame member Peter Lenex, who was one of the masked men, grabbing the title for what will turn out to be the most dominating title reign in the UWO. The other three Shadows turned out to be other Hall of Fame members Simon Patrick, Thomas Slade, and Ryan Magnum. The Shadows continued their terror as, behind the scenes, the power was again changing. Ted Bauer, now tired with running a federation stepped down (and later out) allowing John Proulx and Ryan Hernalsteen to step up and help Mark McLean. However, this tenure was not long lasted, as the two returning staff members left in March due to a stalement in the production. In a month that could have seen three or four cards, only one was produced due to a vacation taken by Mark McLean. Ever the eager Kyle Sutherland (aka Chubbs) stepped up into the Presidents chair during the vacation and produced his first show (and first Pay-Per-View) Winter Storm Warning. After this, the major stories in the UWO became the team of Peter Lenex (current World champion) and Virus (current Intercontinental champion) working together to topple Alexa Harris, a feat which was soon accomplished, ushering in a whole new crew of characters. After that, the rest of the year was filled with minor stories, while Lenex and Virus continued their domination. Another power shift was seen as Kyle Sutherland left the federation, and Will Myers and John Proulx stepped into booking roles. The final part of the bigger story was seen as Virus (and many others) attacked Lenex, costing him his title, ending his reign just over eleven months. This occured after a few weeks of a man in a cloak spreading rumors about Lenex, to get the locker room fired up

With that, 2006 came in quickly, and turned out to be yet another year of disappointment, much like 2002. McLean, Myers and Proulx were still in charge, but with a crew of handlers who really seemed to have a disinterest in the federation, the trio tried their best to keep things going, running a large story featuring Peter Lenex, Virus, Vampiro, and La Parka. Lenex swore revenge on Virus for costing him the World title, and in turn cost him the Intercontinental title. Vampiro swore revenge on Lenex for not giving him the support a friend should. The war of words escalating when Vampiro nearly ended the career (and possibly the life) of Lenex by blowing a large stream of fire into his gasoline covered face. Eventually revenge was awarded, as Lenex defeated Vampiro, and then Virus. After that, the UWO closed its doors on June 18, 2006 for what most assumed would be the last time.

Another Beginning

But UWO lifers Mark McLean and Scott Ashley weren't going to let that happen, and on January 11, 2007 re-opened the UWO for the public. Their first order of business, was to change the weekly show from Chaos to Overdrive, and changed most of the backstage personel to fit this new era of the UWO. Another change was that, for the first time, no real wrestlers would be allowed. Almost immediately, new tensions began to boil as Peter Lenex began to keep himself in the business of Gavin Williams, protege of Shades of Grey members Simon Patrick, Ryan Magnum and Scott Fyre. Young stars filed into the UWO, creating some great memories for themselves and for the rest. Among the notables and Chris Cage, Platinum Playa, Chester Granite, and the aforementioned Gavin Williams. Not to be forgotten, Tigerclaw made a triumphant return to the ring, capturing the UWO World Tag Team titles with Paul Chambliss.

Over, at last?

The UWO closed its doors, apparently for good this time, on October 7, 2007. The final pay-per-view event, Destruction Down Under, saw Ryan Magnum successfully defend his World Title against the American Bulldog.

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Final Roster

Final Champions

UWO World Heavyweight Champion: "The Sharpshooter" Ryan Magnum
UWO Intercontinental Champion: "The Messenger of Fear" Scott Fyre
UWO Television Champion: "The Creeping Darkness" David Wallace
UWO World Tag Team Champions: The Icy Bikers (Eric "The Biker" Omega and Ian C. Elms)

Copyright Information

All information not pertaining to World Wrestling Entertainment or Total Non-Stop Action is property of the Ultimate Wrestling Organization and may not be used without the consent of its owners, Mark McLean and Scott Ashley.

External Links

UWO Website (dead link)

UWO Forums (dead link)

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