UWR opened in Sepetember 2006 by Salman Mohsin and his brother Hamza.And after three and four months it was later registered to The World Of efed where it later was awarded the fed of the month of March 2008

First Champions

UWR's first World Champion that was crowned by Bret Hart played by none other then Salman Mohsin,Was Randy Orton,he hold the title for few months.Later he lost that title to Jeff Hardy. Shawn Micheals and his best buddy Triple H were the first superstar to be crowned as UWR Tag Team Champions at the same time Jericho was the first international champion.Edge was the Us Champion and Angel first ever female to win the Hardcore title became the first Hardcore Champion.Eden August was the first female Wrestler to win the male divison title though and that was the international title where as Kim Kervin was the first female to be crowned as the Women's Champion.

Draft Roster

Later its successfull.Running UWR announced its first Draft roster.Where title where split up and new champions were crowned.Billy Currington was the first drafted champion.He did quite well in his career.Later he lost his title to Ethan Styler in a title unification match when the draft roster ended.

The Beginning of UWR Undergroung/Wirezone

Later after removing RAW and Smackdown! Roster and its whole brand.UWR decided to do something original so they opened two new weekly shows called Underground and Wirezone.They also had their first own created Pay Per View called "Just all at the beginning".Where we saw Aj Styles winning the Elimination Chamber to become the UWR WOrld Heavyweight Champion.Later he lost that title to Lionheart who later announced his retirement alongside with Aj too who badly got hurt and was later crowned as Underground General Manager.Lionheart lost his title to John Warrington.John began his ultimate destruction on UWR with going to top of efed.He was recognized as one of top players in the Ultimate Game.

Hall of Famer

UWR later published list of names that become UWR 'S offical hall of famer. John Warington lionheart Jaime Clarke Torrie Wilson Gail Kim Eden August for few names that were added.


Later in mid of Apiril 2008.UWR creator Salman announce to close his fed down due to some personal reason but now we heard that he is reopening the new version of it really really soon.


Salman Van Dam Booker T Edge Kane RVD CM Punk The Undertaker Aj Styles Kate Hailee Matthews Tyler Rage Bret Mcmicheals The Rock Randy Orton Jeff Hardy Mike Adam AJ Daniels Triple H Shawn Micheals Eden August Chris Jericho Billy Currington Trish Stratus Jericho Dot young Mickie James Chris Young Jennifer Jericho Kim Torrie Wilson Bret Hart Belle Cena Rey Mysterio Candice Michelle Matt Ward Harlem Cena John Cena David Grohl Kevin Nash Lisa Jannetty John WARRINGTON The Flair Family The Guerreros Lionheart Jaime Clarke Mr Mcmahon Hammer Jr. Gail Kim Eden August

Management Team

Salman Mohsin John Warrington Torrie Wilson Hamza Mohsin Ryan Gillroy Lionheart for short period.

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