Ultramarcus is an E-Fed Wrestler, currently working on the Inferno roster at Lords of Pain Wrestling, and is well known for his stint in XWO, as both a Wrestler, and head writer


Ultramarcus fist appeard in XWO, and was one of the founding members of the organization. During its first PPV event, XWOmania, he won the XWO World Heavyweight Championship from Eddy Guerrero. Previously, Ultramarcus had won the XWO Intercontinental Championship from Gen7l3 G1an7, and was at the time, a Double Champion. Ultramarcus lost and regained both titles over the course of XWOs life, and lost his final championship in his last match to ROB, in a match also involving Eddy Guerrero.

Ultramarcus took over as head writer of XWO for two months, and wrote 3 shows each week, 4 on weeks with a PPV. Under this schedule, Ultramarcus became burned out and left XWO, dropping the title in his final match.

Some months later, under the coaxing of friend Andy Savana, Ultramarcus showed up in Lords of Pain Wrestling. Ultramarcus was scheduled to debut in a match against another new debut, EB4, but ended up in a triple threat match against EB4, and Thomas Slidell. Slidell won the match, pinning EB4. During the next months, Ultramarcus would come to blame EB4 for his loss, attacking him once after a match. The two faced off during the preshow of Dead Reckoning, where Ultramarcus Defeated EB4 in a Steel Cage Match, escaping the cage after a Canadian Destroyer.

next, Ultramarcus was paired with Jaetyn Knightwash. the two went on to defeat another newly formed team, The Next Ones, consisting of Marcus' old foes, EB4 and Thomas Slidell. the team dubbed themselves "Heroic Future".

at 12.2 The Heroic Future along with the MWA defeated the Next Ones,Crazy Ash Killa and Eric Scorpio.

at 12.3 Ultramarcus, on a team captained by Sheepster, along with future Opponent RaTo, Mass Chaos, and Retribution, defeated D. Hammond Samuels, Ken Ryans, Thomas Slidell, Styxx and Peter Saint. In this match, Ultramarcus and RaTo were the last two men standing from Team Sheepster, With Ultramarcus pinning the opposing Captain, D. Hammond Samuels, and RaTo eliminated Styxx, Slidell and Ryans, with Peter Saint walking out of the match.

In his Altered Reality debut, at Altered Reality 4, as one of the co-captains of team Rookie, along with tag partner Jaetyn Knightwash, Eddie B, and Sean Jensen, the team defeated the team from Insanity, lead by longtime online friend Andy Savanna, Big B Brown, Savage, and veteran Jeff Watson. Ultramarcus would co--lead his team to victory, and eliminated Savage, but was eventually eliminated by Jeff Watson.

At LPW Homecoming Ultramarcus and Jaetyn Knightwash had the honor of facing the Wild Card Warriors (Hatchet Ryda and Magic) in Magics last LPW match. Magic pinned Jaetyn Knightwash after a moonsault off an anounce table which had been raised six feet off the ground.

recently it was revealed that Ultramarcus, Supreme Power and The Red Rocket were all really always the same person. Ultramarcus joined ECF and hopes to destroy it, in the hopes of bringing his friends up to the major leagues with him, wheather they want it or not.

Ultrmarcus recently defeated AJ and Chris Porter to become the new ECF North American Champion. He is scheduled to face Frank Washington on the next edition of Saturday Night Fusion.

Kayfabe History

Born in 1953, Ultramarcus was in university practicing to become a preist before he was drafted into the war. In 1972 he developed lung cancer. Ultramarcus lives a straight edge lifestyle and the cancer was contracted from exposure to his mother who was an advid smoker, but who never contracted cancer herself. Ultramarcus has never forgiven his mother for this. During one of his hospital stays, a man crept into his room and offered him an apple, and told him that it would save his life. Deciding that it no longer mattered if the apple was safe to eat or not, Marcus bit into it, half hoping it would kill him, half hoping it would safe him. Marcus made a miraculous recovery, and soon his body was entirely cancer free. Hoping to cure cancer, the doctor took a sample of his blood in the hopes that it would save mankind. The man in the hospital later turned out to be Agimoto, one of the warriors on behalf of The Tree Of Light, an organization created to worship and do the bidding of a tree bearing the fruit of immortality. Some cultures know this as The Holy Grail, or the Fountain of Youth. Ultramarcus has yet to reveal what happened after that, but before coming to XWO he destroyed the Tree of Light, and killed all the members of the organization except himself. Almost immediatly after doing this he joined XWO for unknown reasons.

Signature and Finishing Moves

Canadian Destroyer (Finishing Move)

U-F-U (F-U) (Finishing Move)

Ultra-Sharpshooter (Sharpshooter) (Finishing Move)

Cactus Clothesline


Running STO



3 time XWO World Heavyweight Champion

2 Time XWO Intercontinental Champion

2 time XWO X-Division Champion

1 Time ECF North American Champion (Current)

Highest Position on the LPW Appex: 15 (Current)


Ultramarcus is a John Cena fan.

Ultramarcus is actually a pretty big comic book fan, his favourite is Spider-man, and prefers Marvel over DC.

Ultramarcus has expressed his love for the television shows Beast Wars, The Simpsons, Heroes, Reboot, Gargoyles, How I Met Your Mother, Corner Gas, and Billy and Mandy.

Ultramarcus doesnt write promos. the words assemble themselves out of fear.

When taking the SAT, answering "Ultramarcus" for every answer will get you 8000.

Ultramarcus once played Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun and won.

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