UnCivil War was a pay-per-view event promoted by the WNWA. The event was held on July 22, 2007 at the Braddock County Coliseum in Braddock, TX.


The event was announced on May 10, 2007 at a press conference by WNWA President J.R. Ewing.

UnCivil War

UnCivil War
Promotion WNWA
Date July 22, 2007
Venue Braddock County Coliseum
City Braddock, TX
Attendance 11,496
Buyrate 1.03
Pay-per-view chronology
Memorial Day Massacre UnCivil War ILL Gotten Gains


  • Texas Tornado Falls Count Anywhere Bunkhouse Match
  • An Inconvenient Match-If Yeti wins, Dale Taylor must live as an eco-friendly human in Yeti's eco-camp and take on a vegan diet for a month. If Taylor wins, Yeti must drive a 4x4, eat nothing but meat, and live at Braddock Mobile Home Estates for a month. No count-outs, no disqualification, falls count anywhere. The winner must pin their opponent and the opponent must then lie unconscious for a ten-count.
  • Tag Team Unification Match
  • Love Him or Leave Him Braddock Street Fight
  • Who's Your Daddy? Special Challenge Match
  • Kosher Kontract- If Rage wins, Fanuci can not eat pork for a year and wear a yarmulke. If Fanuci wins, Rage must eat 10 lbs. of sausage.

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