Uncontrollable Passions is an on-going storyline if the Extreme Measures Federation. It is written primarily by Mike Walker and Michael Browning (with others adding slightly along the way). It won the Storyline of the Year for 2005 and has to be a firm favourite to retain this in 2006.

Beggining of the Feud

The storyline is mainly centered around a feud between two sides, one lead by EMF John Cena and the other by Amy Jericho and EMF Chris Jericho.

The storyline appeared to start when Amy Dumas showed a passing interest in Trish Stratus's Womens Championship. This was a title Trish would soon lose to Jackie Gayda, even though in the weeks leading up to that Amy had saved Trish from taking a beating at the hands of Jackie. With Jackie as the champion, she was determined to do what she had promised the fans and defeat all the big names of Women's Wrestling. One of there was undisputedly Amy Dumas. However that posed a problem for the ambitious Champion.

Amy Dumas had long sinced retired from the world of profesional wrestling. Jackie needed to find a way to bring her back into the ring to have the oppertunity to beat her. But how? She couldn't simply challenge Amy... because she knew Amy wouldn't be interested. This is when she went to her partner, John Cena, in order to try and convince Amy into a match.

Cena, as always, had a dark plan up his sleeve. He planned to propose marraige to Jackie, but instead put this on hold. He proceeded to plant the engagement ring into the bag of Chris Jericho. He then left Amy to discover the ring and, obviosly, get completely the wrong idea into her head. She was seen for a while dancing around talking about being Mrs Jericho. Her heart was soon to be broken when it was revealed the ring was not for her, but for Jackie instead. In revenge, Amy and Jericho sold the ring that Jackie had her heart set on, meaning Cena would have to buy it back again if he wanted to use it. She then accepted a match with Jackie for the Women's Championship, just to have a chance of hurting Jackie as much as Jackie had hurt her.

The First Match

The first match in this storyline came when Jackie defended the Women's Title against Amy Dumas at Survival of the Fittest 2005. This will go down as one of the best Women's Title Matches of all time, and was nominated for match of the year that year. Both women went to Extremes to attempt to put their opponent away, hitting numerous finishers and scoring many near falls. In the end, Amy locked Jackie in the walls of Jericho, but Jackie was able to get out of the ring. Still in the hold, Amy was desperate to inflict the pain and was unable (and uninterested in) to prevent a double count out. Jackie escaped with the title, but neither escaped unharmed.

Proposal and Marraige

The same night as this huge match, John Cena proposed to Jackie Gayda. It came when Jackie got extremely hurt and angry that Cena was havng a huge party to celebrate him winning the chamber on the night she got really beaten down by Amy. Cena resorted to pulling out the ring right there and then and asking Jackie to forgive him and more importantly to marry him. Jackie wasted no time in accepting the invitation.

One short week after the proposal Jackie Gayda became Mrs Cena. (17th August 2005)However, on that same day the storylines name became oh so meaningful, as John Cena had an affair, on his wedding night, with Natasha Jones, Jackie's bridesmaid. They were however spotted in the act. The person that saw them was unnamed as they had run into the crowded party leaving Cena no chance of knowing who it was. Cena now faced a huge problem... a guest at his wedding had seen him cheat on Jackie and he didn't have a clue who it was.

Unmasking the Spy

Cena had to find out who it was who had seen him at his wedding. His first clue came a few weeks after. He recieved a letter saying that if he didn't hand the persons driver $250,000 then the truth would be revealed to the whole world. Cena was no nearer an answer though as the letter was anonimous.

A few days after recieving this he was scheduled to meet Joy Giovanni and his wife Jackie for a celebratory dinner. This however directly clashed with the handing over of the cash. They had recently learnt of the engagement of Amy and Chris Jericho (details to come). That night however would be when he discovered the identity of who had seen him. Cena began that night be reluctantly leaving Natasha Jones in order to concentrate fully on his marraige.

When he left dinner to "look for Joy" who was running late, he actually ran off to make the handover. However before he could, he was socked over the head by a sledgehammer from Christy Hemme. Chris Masters then attacked him too, and between them they revealed that Joy had seen him. Joy came and collected her money, and then left. Cena attacked Masters back, but they soon patched things up after the fight wore them both down. Hemme and Masters soon pledged their support to Cena's side instead of Joy's, but promised to pretend to still support Joy in order to provide Cena with information.

Another Twist..

But things were not so easy for Cena as Nat soon announced she was pregnant. Cena then decided that his origial plan to stick with Jackie was not gonig to work. He wanted to be with Nat. He wanted to be a father to his child and he wanted to do things properly. He then started things up with Natasha again with the aim of leaving Jackie when the time was right. This was to prove easier said then done as once again Amy and Chris Jericho entered the scene...

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