Underground Pro
Abbreviation UGP
Weekly shows Sunday Night Battlezone
Time open
Owner(s) J. Hector Banks
Based in Jersey City, NJ, USA
Federation type Dedication based
Pay-per-views Monthly
Website Click here

Underground Pro (UGP) is a federation which dates back to December 2004. Although it was out of business for a period of time, it's been revived by former owner J. Hector Banks. He's currently scouting for new talent to fill his cards and enchance his product.


Formerly known as Original CAW Wrestling, UGP was created by GameFAQs user Middlemann and four other users, Brian (FrankenReagan), John (CaMacKid), Nick (Upyourz), and Dave (Tajin Akian). UGP didn't start quickly, to pass the time, the early members had 'Dark Matches' on GameFAQs, until Dave introduced the website, and John with the first official forum. The users decided on the show name and UGP started the championship tournament to determine the first champions.

UGP Roster


Other on air talent

  • J. Hector Banks - UGP CEO
  • Felicity Caldwell - Backstage interviewer
  • Antoine Jones - Ring Announcer
  • Dave Warren - Play-by-play commentator and the Host of Saturday Morning Rebound
  • Greg Somers - Color commentator
  • Noah Henderson - Head Referee
  • Justin Kurth - Referee
  • Matthew Anderson - Referee
  • Scarlett Melborne - Manager to Steve Palmieri

Stables and Tag Teams

  • N.R.K.
    (K. Ozz and Kray Z.)
  • Cosa Nostra
    (Dave Milan and Kevin Palerno)
  • Iced Tea
    (Brian Campbell, Scarlett, and Steve Palmieri)

Past Alumni

  • Doctor Phate
  • Commander Rodriguez
  • K.O. Kidd
  • Meister
  • Corrine Summers
  • S.o.B.
  • Master Black
  • Chance
  • Ryu-Mori
  • Oro
  • War Machine
  • General Mayhem
  • Afterlife
  • Kaden Makasu
  • Ikken Makasu
  • La Sombra
  • English Explosion (Double E)
  • Rayo Negro
  • Loco
  • Cyclone
  • The Chief
  • Kraven
  • T.I. Charisma


Iron Knuckle Division

This division is described as Underground's Pro own baby, and is often considered the main attraction of UGP. Credit for it's creation goes to CEO J. Hector Banks. It originates from the ideas of Mixed-Martial Arts and the Lucha Libre style of wrestling. In Iron Knuckle bouts, there can only be a win by submission or KO only. There are no pins in this match. While the matches can have disqualifications, it's only for weapons, meaning no holds are barred from an Iron Knuckle bout. To top it all off, these matches are complete with a 20 or 30 minute time limit, depending on the match. This is where the technical wrestlers strive. All Iron Knuckle matches so far have seemed to be classics.

Hardcore Division

Underground Pro's hardcore division is unlike any other hardcore division put before you. Flaming tables? That's nothing compared to putting someone through two stacked tables with a burning hammer. UgP's hardcore division is the extreme of the extreme. Nothing in these matches are barred. Nothing can get you disqualified. After a UgP hardcore match, you better just hope the paramedics are here.


Underground Pro's Duo-Pro division is the eqivalent of anyone elses tag-team division. Except for one little thing, all duo-pro matches are tornado tag style! No more waiting for that hot tag, no more swapping in and out to get the most out of the opponent's other guy, no more bull. Just straight up teamwork here.



Battlezone is UGP's Sunday Night wrestling television program. It airs at 9 ET, and is taped every Tuesday, at whichever venue is hosting the show that week. The only cases in which it will not air are when there is a large event that Sunday, thus replacing the Battlezone timeslot in a similar format. Large events are held monthly.


The only kind of show produced by UGP which showcases wrestling that is not necessarily a large event or regular show would be the super-cards. There are different events which happen, one example being the Clash of the Champions, in which every title is defended, and another being UGP's comeback show which took place April 29th, 2007.

Saturday Morning Rebound

Saturday Morning Rebound (SMR for short) is a show produced by UGP which airs at 10 p.m. ET. It's hosted by Battlezone's play-by-play commentator Dave Warren. The show features segments and interviews with UGP wrestlers, either recorded at earlier dates, or live in studio.

Current Champions

Championship Current champion(s) Date awarded Former Holder(s)
UGP Underground Championship Steve Palmieri April 29th, 2007 Steve Palmieri
UGP Iron Knuckle Championship Vacant N/A Dave Milan
UGP Duo Pro Championship Cosa Nostra
(Dave Milan and Kevin Palermo)
May 20th, 2007 N.R.K.
(K. Ozz and Kray Z.)
UGP Hardcore Championship Suspended N/A John Johnson

Link: Underground Pro

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