Underground Wrestling Entertainment is an E-federation founded in 2007 by Tim.

Underground Wrestling Entertainment
Federation Name Underground Wrestling Entertainment
Abbreviation UWE
Shows RAW, SmackDown!
Time open November 11th 2007 - Present
Owner(s) Mr. Dalton
Creator Mr. Dalton
Headquarters in Austin, Texas
Federation type Role-play based/Dice-Fed
Pay-per-views 1 every month
Webpage [1]



Coming Soon!


UWE merged with United Tours Wrestling Alliance, making it it's developmental territory promotion.

Current champions


Current UWE champion, Triple H

Brand Championship Current Champion(s) Date won Date aired
RAW UWE Championship Triple H April 28 2008 April 28 2008
UWE Intercontinental Championship Elroy Dalton April 24 2008 April 24 2008
WWE Women's Championship Kari Ann McCain April 24 2008 April 24 2008
UWE Tag Team Championships Rush and Mario Vaynes April 24 2008 April 24 2008
SmackDown! World Heavyweight Championship Mr. Kennedy May 2 2008
UWE United States Championship James Covey April 20 2008 April 20 2008
World Tag Team Championship Black Dragon and Trench K. Oiyami November 24 2008 November 24 2008


Accomplishment Latest winner Date won
UWE King of The Ring Matt Hardy April 21st, 2008
Money in the Bank Vacant No Date, 2008
Babe of the Month Ashley Massaro May 2nd, 2008
UWEs Royal Rumble Vacant May 18th, 2008

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