Underground X
Company Profile
Acronym UX
Company Slogan the BEST in this BUSINESS
Founder John Fisher
Owners Cesar Salazar & Willie Williams
Founded 2007
Dissolved 2008(Re-opened in 2011)
Formerly WCWF
Location United States
Area Served Mexico City, Mexico
Style Hybrid

Underground X is a roleplay based e-fed that was established in April of 2007 when John Fisher bought WCWF from Adam Cage and decided to shake up the company. Following a series of hiatuses and three years off the radar, UX returned for 2011 under the guise of new owner Willie Williams.



As spring turned into summer, things in UX began to heat up. Homegrown stars Sinister Fiend, Larry Fields, Killah Kain and others had to defend their turf against high-profile signings such as Reno Drake, Leito Blake and Simon Sensation. The company skyrocketed with the mix of established stars and "indy" wrestlers. Summer receded, but UX didn't. John Fisher formed an "Underground Army" built with those high profile wrestlers to take down the "Underground Revolution" made up of homegrown stars. The war ended up bringing the company down, and Fisher lost his TV deal. The company soon went belly up.


In early 2008 Fisher scraped up enough money to reboot the promotion, building around the likes of Jonathan Cage, Reno Drake, Sinister Fiend, AJ Donavon and Trevin Sands. This second run is regarded as UX's finest, with the pay-per-view Absolution getting tremendous critical reception. This time, however, the company grew too quickly and Fisher was once again bleeding money with no TV deal. He closed it a second time.

Summer of 2008 offered Fisher a unique opportunity. A brand new arena had just been completed in downtown Las Vegas, and offered Fisher the opportunity to hold his wrestling events there. UX had a tremendous two month run in this arena, holding the Mayhem Rumble and signing new talent such as Jonathan Fhenix and Antonio Drake to make a big impact in the company. After two months of unprecedented success, Fisher sold the company to an unknown party, who shockingly closed UX's doors in September of 2008.

The Rebirth

In 2011, the rights to Underground X were purchased for an astronomically low sum by a slimy scum bag of the name Willie Williams. Williams is a gambler, an alcoholic, and is constantly in debt to the wrong people. After eight months of planning, Williams opened the doors.

He knew that UX had always been a fairly successful promotion under John Fisher, but he also knew he would be doing things a lot differently. He has turned the once gem of a company into a dark, shady, bloody spectacle that barely managed to make any money week to week. No world-class talent here now, just guys looking to catch a break or even scrap together some money between paychecks.

After starting off on the absolute lowest rung imaginable, Williams hopes of company growth came to fruition. For the past nineteen shows, Willie Williams' regained UX's former composure by booking some of the most zany cards capable in this profession. Although from an outside perspective the roster is full of obscure and undervalued wrestlers known better from other promotions(Alliance of Wrestling Federations, epic Wrestling organisation, Sin Wrestling, to name a few), which thanks to Underground X many are shining much brighter and are slowly portraying their true potential. And this exposure exists because of the nerdy Leroy, Willie's cameraman that's taped every show under his administration for a youtube channel now owned by the company.

But not everything is fortunate in the current regime. UX went under major lawsuits by numerous victims of a tragic roof collapse at The Blacklist 5, but coincidentally, this 'bad' publicity led to a huge spike in viewership of the promotion's youtube channel and has since filled the Warehouse (the 'arena' UX hosts its shows in) ever since. At the Blacklist 14, John Fisher (former owner and founder of Underground X) returned alongside Reno Drake & Simon Sensation, two well-known & highly decorative veterans. The following edition of the Blacklist saw John Fisher & Willie Williams announce together Underground X has been picked up by Youtube for an exclusive contract to be on the internet juggernaut's TVesque channel & the reopening of the Underground Arena at the Blacklist 20. We also discovered John Fisher is the man who covered the Warehouse Roof collapse lawsuits.

The Blacklist 17 LIVE Youtube Broadcast was a huge success. Quite a number of wrestlers managed to trend twitter(Kevin Holiday, Deicide, 3 Drinks Minimum, Sean Robinson and Larry Fields, mainly), the team of The Syndicates (Reno Drake & Simon Sensation) were interviewed on BBC America, and Wrestling Observer has taken a profound interest in the company. The Blacklist 18, the second Blacklist to be broadcast LIVE continued the success, especially when Kevin Holiday had a wrecking ball destroy the Warehouse during the event!

Eventually, the show was moved to the parking lot and carried on with the main event's insane four way elimination tables match for the Undisputed Tag Team Championships.The Blacklist 19 was held in the parking lot of the Underground Arena, which reopened the following week at the Blacklist 20. It continued the Underground's success, and ticket sales for the Arena reopening were phenomenal, as expected.

Ever since Blacklist 20, the promotion continuously grows in momentum, viewership and social relevance. Four months later, Underground X held its first pay-per-view event 'Madness Sets In' what many claim to be the company's magnum opus.


- Micah Castille
- Milena Dean
- Jonathan Fhenix
- Thomas Manchester Black
- Jaice Wilds
- Allen Chaney
- Mark McNasty
- Anna Mathews
- Charisma Mystic
- Marina Blue
- Deicide
- Robbie Ferrari
- John Johnson
- Johnny Roman
- Kai Cooper
- Kevin Holiday
- Macca
- Sean Robinson
- Tony Edison
- The Engineer
- Laura Estella


Underground X Undisputed Championship - Macca
Underground X Uncensored Championship - Marina Blue


Underground X Undisputed Tag Team Championship - Wrestling's Undisputed (Last Champions)
Underground X Spirit Cup - Jonathan Fhenix (Last Winner)

Signature Matches

- Barbwire Steel Cage (The Blacklist 8)
- Parking Lot Brawl (The Blacklist 13)
- Elimination Tables (The Blacklist 18)
- I Quit (The Blacklist 19)
- 60 Minute Iron Man (The Blacklist 20)
- First Blood (The Blacklist 23)
- Ladder (The Blacklist 24)
- Corkscrew Moonsault Match (The Blacklist 27)

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