This article is about the Professional RPG Wrestling title. For other undisputed titles, see Undisputed Championship.

The Undisputed Championship of Internet Wrestling is a wrestling title currently contended for in Professional RPG Wrestling. It is currently composed of fifteen component titles, all of which were at one point the main championship of the respective company it represents.


The Undisputed Championship of Internet Wrestling first came about in a three-way match at PRW's Bitchslap card in May of 2006. The match involved Anarchy Wrestling Association World Champion Chris Andrews, Professional RPG Wrestling Net Champion Assassin, and Advocate's Wrestling RPG World Heavyweight Champion Chris Roberts. Assassin won the match, and unified the Championship belts. Since then, more companies' primary championships have been added to the mix.

Holder Information

Old Champion: New Champion: Times: Date: Location: Stipulation:
Assassin (PRW) Roberts (AWR) Andrews (AWA) Assassin 1 May 31st, 2006 Minneapolis, MN Unification of PRW, AWR, and AWA championships
Assassin "The Professional" Russ Bellinger 1 June 22nd, 2006 MSG, NY Standard Rules
Vacant* Jason Garrick 1 September 30th, 2006 Miami, FL Platform Cage Match
Vacant* Samuel "Hollywood" Hale 1 November 14th, 2006 PRW Arena Triple Threat
Samuel "Hollywood" Hale Art "Heavy Metal Hero " McLellan 1 January 31st, 2007 Hawaii Bane Chamber
Art "Heavy Metal Hero " McLellan Lion Merteuil 1 September 3rd, 2007 Greece Fatal Fourway
Lion Merteuil Sniper 1 September 8th, 2008 Wales Standard Rules
Sniper Adam Xclusiv 1 October 23, 2008 Baltimore, MD Standard Rules
Adam Xclusiv Hutton Brown 1 November 19, 2008 Indianapolis, IN Standard Rules
Hutton Brown Sniper 2 April 22, 2009 Pittsburgh, PA Standard Rules
Sniper Hutton Brown 2 May 22, 2009 Newark, NJ Buried Alive
Hutton Brown J.R. Judy 1 June 27, 2009 New York, NY Standard Rules
J.R. Judy MATTHEW 1 July 26, 2009 Ottawa, ON, Canada Standard Rules
MATTHEW Adam Xclusiv 2 October 29, 2009 Washington D.C. Fatal Fourway
Adam Xclusiv Vincenzo Savonarola 1 November 11, 2009 Los Angeles, CA Fatal Fourway
Vincenzo Savonarola Lion Merteuil 2 November 27, 2009 Los Angeles, CA Standard Rules
Lion Merteuil Jason Garrick 2 January 7, 2010 Gothenburg, Sweden Elimination Chamber
Jason Garrick Lion Merteuil 3 January 18, 2010 Munich, Germany Triple Threat
Lion Merteuil Hutton Brown 3 March 17, 2010 Las Vegas, NV Standard Rules
Hutton Brown Jason Garrick 3 March 26, 2010 Las Vegas, NV Standard Rules
Jason Garrick MMATHEW 2 May 23, 2010 Edmonton, AB, Canada Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match
MATTHEW Joey NOX 1 June 23, 2010 St. Louis, MO Standard Rules
Joey NOX Serial 1 November 11, 2010 Lake Charles, LA Standard Rules
Serial Sean Aries 1 November 22, 2010 Austin, TX Triple Threat
Sean Aries Hutton Brown* 4 December 31, 2010 Phoenix, AZ Hell in a Cell
Vacant* Hutton Brown 5 March 31, 2011 Kansas City, MO No Holds Barred
Vacant Alex LeBlanc 1 April 22, 2011 Chicago, IL Standard Rules
Alex LeBlanc Ace Andrews 1 August 25, 2011 Vatican City Lumberjack Match
Ace Andrews Sean Aries 2 September 23, 2011 Detroit, MI Standard Rules
Sean Aries Alex LeBlanc 2 December 22, 2011 Montreal, QC, Canada Standard Rules
Alex LeBlanc Ace Andrews 2 January 19, 2012 Las Vegas, NV Standard Rules
Record: Record holder: Record number:
Longest reign Lion Merteuil 370 Days
Shortest reign Hutton Brown 1 day
  • Russ Bellinger was forced to vacate the Undisputed Championship due to injury.
  • Spardis was not directly involved in the match where he lost the belt. Because of injury, Mimic took his place.
  • Hutton Brown was stripped of the title by then PRW President Vincenzo Savonarola.
  • Hutton won the vacated title in a match against then PRW President Vincenzo Savonarola and, via match stipulation, was immediately fired following his victory.

Championship Rules

1.) Each month, the #1 Contender will be selected to challenge the champion. The winner of the proceeding title match will either receive or retain the championship. ---1A.) The #1 Contender is NOT obligated to defend their position against anyone, and therefore may turn down any challenges presented to them. ---1B.) On occasion there will be cases where there is more than one challenger competing in a championship match (i.e. Triple Threat, Fatal-4-Way, etc).

2.) Former champions do have a rematch clause. They may re-challenge the competitor they lost the championship to ONCE before having to work their way back up to the #1 Contender’s position. The Administrators will decide when and where the rematch will take place if it is utilized.

3.) Any competitor may consult with the Commissioner or any Administrator to schedule a match to become the next #1 Contender.

4.) The Administrators reserve the right to force a championship or contender's match at their discretion.

5.) In order to be considered eligible to compete for this title, one of the following conditions MUST be met: - A minimum seniority of at least six months in PRW (at the time of character registration). - A previous championship title reign in another division (excluding the Cyanide Championship). - Winning an official competition such as the Superbattle or the Master of the Mat tournament. Situations such as these will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the Administration.

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