Unified Wrestling League
Acronym UWL
Established 1999
Location Flag of the United States Cleveland, OH
Founders Chris Beacom and Adam Lucas
Owner Chris Beacom

The Unified Wrestling League (UWL) is an online fantasy wrestling league founded in 1999 by Chris Beacom and Adam Lucas. It has run continuously since its inception and is currently owned and operated by Beacom. It is based out of Ohio, but runs shows throughout the United States with the occasional international tour. The UWL currently has one weekly show, Sunday Night Frenzy, with Pay-Per-View super-cards promoted once every two to three months.


The UWL promotes a gritty, realistic style that focuses equally on in-ring action and character development. Behind the scenes, the UWL is at heart a simmed promotion. Cards are run using TNM 7 SE. However the UWL is focused on role-playing and holds its members to a high level of effort and creativity. Role-play quality and participation heavily affect each character's push, both in terms of card placement and the simulator's internal push score that affects the outcome of matches.


In the spring of 1999, after the closing of several other promotions, Chris Beacom and Adam Lucas had the idea of beginning their own organization out of the ashes of the others. The UWL was born, and within a week their roster was full with both new faces and refugees from the defunct promotions. On May 28th, 1999, the UWL held its first Friday Night Frenzy show in the Gund Arena in Cleveland. The show's secondary title was "Baptism By Fire."

Lucas eventually left the company over personal reasons, but Beacom has continued in his unwavering devotion to the promotion. Literally hundreds of competitors have stepped through the ropes of a UWL ring, but few have left their mark on the promotion. Those that have are enshrined in the UWL Hall of Fame, established in 2001. A full archive of past events, award winners, and the hall of fame are all hosted on the UWL's web site, though the event archive is currently in the process of being brought up-to-date.

The UWL has on more than one occasion found itself with such a large roster that it required a brand extension. The year 2000 saw the introduction of UWL Japan and UWL Mexico. In early 2001, a UWL Australia branch was added. The international branches were then absorbed into one, leaving the mainland UWL and a separate UWL International brand. By the end of 2001, however, the two brands were once again merged into a single roster. The International brand returned in 2003 to deal with an ever-expanding roster, but the brand combined once again before the dawning of the new year.

Currently the UWL consists of a small, devoted roster, of whom many have been a part of the promotion or one of its former sister promotions for several years. However, new talent is always welcome.

Current Staff

The UWL is run primarily by its owner, Chris Beacom, and an acting president. Beacom takes care of the promotion's day-to-day business matters, maintains the official UWL web site, simulates the matches, and is the final authority on all decisions. The president serves as the booker and liaison between the workers and Beacom. He also enforces the rules regarding roleplays. Simulated results are sent to a card writer each week, who is responsible for cleaning up the raw results, inserting attacks, interviews, and other segments provided by roster members, and providing commentary.


Active Wrestlers

  • Abdullah Majid
  • Allen Frost
  • Amos Moses
  • Andrew Payne
  • Brad Blevins
  • Brad Steel
  • Davey Dee
  • Eli
  • Errol Grant
  • Fatboy McGee
  • Harry Rollison
  • The Honky Tonk Myte
  • John Newman
  • Kahn
  • Kraves
  • Lethal Machine
  • Maximum Thor
  • Michael Motto
  • Owen Jude
  • Patrick Xavier
  • Phobia
  • Rasputin McKane
  • Robert Moore
  • Ryan Borden
  • Sean Tylor
  • TC Mason
  • The Man Known as Chuck
  • Zizah Nole


  • Clint Tennant
  • Cohen Kanno
  • Misery
  • Speed Racer

Non-Wrestler Characters

  • Violet Morris - Interim President

Current Tag Teams

  • Abdullah Majid & Lethal Machine
  • Bayou Badlanders (Amos Moses & Zizah Nole)
  • The Glory Hogs (Kahn & Patrick Xavier)
  • The Night Prowlers (Andrew Payne & Kraves)
  • We R Dope (Fatboy McGee & TC Mason)

Championships and Accomplishments

Current Championships

UWL World Championship
Current Holder: Michael Motto

UWL Intercontinental Championship
Current Holder: The Honky Tonk Myte

UWL World Tag Team Championship
Current Holders: We R Dope

Other Recurring Accomplishments

  • Bloody Bonds
  • Lord of the Ring tournament

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