Unique Style Wrestling (USW) is an eFed with a unique backstory. It was founded by Mr. Cartagena (IceKid) and originally run by him. He had run it for around half a year or so before it was victim of a hostile take over by Mr. Dunkan, and renamed the Pittsburg Athletic Association (PAA). After 3 months of domination by Dunkan, Cartagena decided to get his company back. He could only get the name back, so he had to start USW over, gradually regaining members. The golden days would not return, as Mr. Cartagena had finally retired, and left USW to his trusty GM, Leo Fame (Horror). In this article, I will go into more detail about the goings on within USW, looking back at the glory days and the days of struggling it is currently under.

Day 1 - History in the Making

The first ever USW match card saw The Rock lose via a DQ to T-Bone, in a match which would crown the number one contender for the US Title, which was won on the same night in a Submission Match by Redman. However, it was the Main Event that stole the show as P4 took on Sara Parkinson in a Ladder Match to become the first ever USW World Champion. Both competitors wanted this accolade badly, with P4 even happy to bruise a female to do so. That was exactly what he did in a suprisingly physical encounter, which Sara Parkinson managed to resist. Then, as it appeard P4 was going to reach the gold and claim the title, the lights went out. Then they came back on with Fate, a rather strange and somewhat feared character, appeared at the top of the ladder. P4 quickly dashed down the ladder as Fate was armed. This allowed Sara Parkinson to literally reach destiny as she reached and grabbed down the coverted USW World Championship, becoming it's first champion.

Sara Parkinson's Reign - Short and Sweet

Sara Parkinson would only stay in USW for a little over a week, also granting herself one of the shortest title reigns in history. After a hard fought battle at the premiere show with P4, she had that Friday to recover and prepare for the upcoming PPV, 'Genesis' 2007. She would be invloved in what was called the 'Crazy Match' against five other tought competitors. The competitors would be The Rock, Stevie Rock, Wrestling Warrior, P4 and Fate. Stevie Rock, being the one who created this match, entered himself. The Rock joined the party and entered himself also. Wrestling Warrior later became another occupant. P4 and Fate, who managed to create a great rivalry between each other, were also added to that match. However, as all competitors were in the ring, awaiting to start the match, Mister Cartagena came onto the scene and called it off, stating that the Board of Directors did not want this match to take place, thus Sara Parkinson would be vacated of the title. He went on to explain that the Board of Directors would not allow a female World Champion and would not condone Mister Cartagena placing her in such a vile match. That was the end of the Sara Parkinson fairytale.

Also during that PPV, Redman lost his US Title to T-Bone. The two later engaged in heated competition with one another, ending just before USW was took over by the PAA. T-Bone also went on to become the longest reigning champion in history, still holding the US Title to this very day.

Another bout saw the crown of a new champion, who would not even know the title he had won. Mister Cartagena announced this match for a new title he would later bring in, to keep the wrestlers in suspense. The competitors would be Triple H and Mr. P, with Mr. P stealing the victory.

The only other bout saw two newcomer, Surfer and The Anti Her, battle in a Singles Match, where Surfer prevailed and won the match cleanly.

The Rock and T-Bone - Enemies 'till the End

Right from the word go, on the very first show, these two have been enemies. T-Bone came out to address USW on his debut appearance, only for The Rock to make his debut appearance and bad mouth him. The two agreed to face in a US Title number one contenders match on the first ever USW show, which was described earlier. Redman got The Rock DQ'd after nailing T-Bone with a steel chair.

The Rock and T-Bone later fought in a Tables Match, where T-Bone controversally went through the table after hitting a DDT to The Rock from the top of the ladder, with his back going through the wood first. He would then take his frustrations out on The Rock by assaulting him with his 'Bone Club' afterwards.

T-Bone won the vacated title in controversal fashion. It was an elimination Triple Threat Match between himself, P4 and The Rock. The Rock made P4 tap to the Crossface after a heated battle, fooling most into believing he had won the bout. They even announced it and handed him the title. However, being the evil genius that he is, T-Bone quickly nailed The Rock with his finisher before claiming the gold for himself and becoming World Champion.

The Rock would not take this loss without a fight and a few shows after that PPV he would engage in Singles competition with T-Bone in a re-match for the championship. The Rock would go on to win in yet another controversal match, with plenty of interference, thus leading to a Rock Bottom from The Rock and Mister Cartagena making the three count.

The Rock's title reign would not last long, however, as after the joint quickest victory in history against Tim, successfully defending his title, T-Bone would attempt to create the ultimate stunt to get back on top. T-Bone, schedueld to face off against The Rock in his re-match for the title at the PPV, which was right around the corner, would pull off a great move.

T-Bone was schedueld to face Bobby Lashley in a Champion vs. Champion Tables Match at a Main Event of a USW tapping, but that changed. A man wearing a mask came down, fooling everyone into believing he was T-Bone, but still claiming not to be. He won the match to end Bobby Lashley's winning streak and then on the next show came out to address the people once more. He then said that he was going to take T-Bone's place in the Main Event at the PPV against The Rock. That was then accepted as he was believed to have been T-Bone. However, once in the ring, the real T-Bone appeard and set the record straight. T-Bone then managed to convince Mister Cartagena to place him in the match and make it a Triple Threat Match for The Rock's World Championship. This was then agreed.

The Reaper would go on to attack The Rock after his victory against Alex Ohara and also "attack" an "emotionally destressed" T-Bone.

The stage was then set as these three prepared to do battle. However, after a pre-match "attack" by The Reaper on T-Bone, T-Bone's place in the match was in doubt. The Rock and The Reaper came to the ring and The Reaper quickly gained the early advantage. Then, to everyone's astonishment, T-Bone showed up. T-Bone didn't go after The Reaper, however, as he simply took a mic and told The Rock that this was a set up to make winning the title back from him easier. He said how he hired The Reaper to be added into the match, thus making it an impossible two on one situation.

The bout then began, with The Rock being systimatically destroyed. The Rock had occassional flurried of attacks, using weapons to take control as the match was dubbed 'No DQ'. Redman then made his comeback and took The Reaper up the ramp and backstage, leaving The Rock and T-Bone to battle it out in the ring. T-Bone and The Rock hit each other with their best aresnal, but neither would show any quit in them. That was untill The Rock nailed a People's Elbow on T-Bone to appear to settle the bout in his favour. This did not happen, however, as The Reaper came back and broke it up. He then pinned The Rock himself to win back the gold. This also left T-Bone with a sour taste in his mouth.

The next Friday The Rock would invoke his re-match clause, getting yet another Triple Threat Match against T-Bone and The Reaper, this time with DQ's active. Also, this time, T-Bone and The Reaper would actually engage in battle.

After a close Triple Threat Match, double team work from The Rock and T-Bone got the big man, The Reaper, who told the World after his championship victory that his name was Keith "The Killer" Miller, out of the match and took it to another one on one situation. The Rock would seize this opportunity and pin T-Bone after a hard fought battle to re-claim the World Title.

The two never really competed against each other after that, but have engaged in a 'War of Words' recently as The Rock, being a USW faithful, was disguisted at T-Bone's betrayal and departure to the PAA. T-Bone appeard on several shows and insulted The Rock, who returned the favour.

The two then engaged in a personal rivalry with the USW vs. PAA war brewing. T-Bone turned on the PAA, however, after he used them to help him defeat Jade Malikai for the USW Universal Title.

The Rock then exercised his re-match clause and took on T-Bone in a one on one confrontation. The two battled it what could be called the greatest match of all time. T-Bone took down The Rock by his legs as The Rock just focused on laying some SmackDown on T-Bone. After a long battle, with the PAA showing themselves, The Rock sneaked the victory with a Northern Lights Driver, T-Bone's finisher, from the top.

Now, with T-Bone pondering over execising his re-match clause, will these two ever settle their differences? I doubt it!

P4's Rise to the Top... and then his Fall!

After months of enduring several title opportunities, such as Ladder Matches and Triple Threat Matches, P4 finally reached the top at a USW PPV, Nocuous Remedy, in a No DQ Triple Threat against Maverick Jones, the champion at that time, and Kid Radical, who took out the former champion, The Rock, to get to the top. With Mister Dunkan and Mister Jones at ringside, as well as several others, this match turned out to be interesting.

P4 eventually hit a Violence Bomb on Maverick Jones to pin the champion, as Kid Radical was just too late making the break of the pin. Confeti then fell down as P4 celebrated with his newly won World Championship.

P4 would go on to defend that title in a Triple Threat Ring of Destiny Match against Kid Radical and Mr. P at the next PPV to defend the title, as well as to defend it against Mr. P the following Friday.

It was Friday the thirteenth and it would definately prove to be unlucky for P4, who won the title match after nailing Mr. P with the championship belt behind the referee's back for the three count. This wasn't to be the end of it, however, as Mister Dunkan came out and order the title to be vacated from P4 for winning his match unfairly, then awarding the title to Mr. P.

P4 would go on a short hiatus and then return effectively to the new USW, after the PAA had took over the last one.

USW's New Beginnings!

Mister Dunkan took over from Mister Cartagena after he had ordered the Board of Directors to fire him, thus taking over the ownership role himself. He soon became corrupt and then soon trashed the place and renamed it the 'PAA', which is the initials for the 'Pittsburgh Athletic Association'. This was during a USW PPV, the Survivor Show, where high profiled matches such as 'The Rock vs. Mr. Amazo' and the 'Champion of Champions' match between the World, Chaos and US Champs, Mr. P, Jamez Hardy and T-Bone, were prepared to take place. This PPV was left ruined and USW was forced to start over.

Mister Cartagena re-set and built USW back up in the state of Connecticut. He could no longer name his titles with the words 'World', 'Chaos' or 'United States' in them.

Although the PAA took many of USW's talent, including T-Bone, Maverick Jones, Nathan Cadge and Dave Carter, USW still had some originals. The Rock, P4, Aragorn, Fate, Horror, JGH and Mr. P all stayed, with some new faces such as Jade Malikai arriving.

USW re-oponed at a PPV event, with an Entire Roster Over the Top Rope Battle Royal ready to commence. The Rock won that Battle Royal, lastly eliminating Horror for the win. That earned him a shot at the Universal Title, which was the title which replaced the World Title, at the next PPV.

The Rock would win that match in a hard fought battle with Brock Lesnar, who was brought in for one match only. The Rock would then cement his name in USW history once more with this latest accolade; becoming the first ever USW Universal Champion. After the win, that's where the PAA started to creep in. T-Bone appeared on the titantron and bad mouthed The Rock, who later returned the favour.

The newcomer who made the biggest impact was undoubtibly Jade Malikai, who took the title from The Rock.

The Rock was set for a match against an annonomous opponent just days after his title win, and Jade Malikai turned out to be that opponent. He managed to beat The Rock, beating him again, this time controversially, in his special; a 'Knock Your Lights Out Match'. He then abandoned his partner, P4, and left him at the hands of The Rock and Redman, re-uniting for one night only as the 'USW Assassins'. The Rock and Redman would then win and Redman would then share a beer with The Rock. Then, after Redman left The Rock in the ring, Jade Malikai would come in and kick The Rock down, getting the physical advantage going into the PPV title match. They finally battled for the title in a Rib Cage Match, where Jade Malikai would controversially beat The Rock yet again, this time due to the PAA's involvement, and this time for the Universal Title.

The PAA then continued to invade and later stole Jade Malikai's Universal Title.

USW then opened an extra show, 'Wednesday Night Destruction', which ended with a brawl between USW and PAA superstars.

On the premiere 'Wednesday Night Destruction' show, Mister Cartagena made his final appearance, retiring and leaving Leo Fame, his loyal assistant, in charge. Mister Jones would also volunteer to help out.

Mr. Jones then got the police involved and he places Jade Malikai and T-Bone in a Singles Match on an edition of 'Wednesday Night Destruction' to see which brand gets the Universal Title. T-Bone got the win and then dumped the PAA World Title in a trash can before stating that he was playing with the PAA and was really a USW troop. He also said that he just used the PAA to get to the Universal Title easily.

Now the road to 'USW New Beginings' has just gotten interesting as Hulk Hogan earned the right to compete in the Main Event for the Universal Title after a Beat the Clock Tournament win on an edition of 'Wednesday Night Destruction'.

The Rock then defeated T-Bone controversally on an edition of 'Wednesday Night Destruction' to earn the right to face Hulk Hogan at 'New Beginnings'. During the match, the PAA also rose to the surface. They were scared off, however, when the Moderator ordered the USW troops to chase them away. The Moderator then announced that Flyer and Dread, despite drawing, will both compete in Money in the Bank.

The Rock and Hulk Hogan engaged in a face off the 'Wednesday Night Destruction' before 'New Beginnings' in which some heated words were exchanged followed by a Rock Bottom from The Rock. T-Bone and Redman also qualified for Money in the Bank as Nathan Cadge aided T-Bone in defeating Aragorn and Captain Awesome as Redman made his debut back by defeating Tim and Greg in a Triple Threat Bar Brawl.

USW 'New Beginnings' was the next stop, where The Rock defended his Universal Title against Hulk Hogan in a match for the ages. The night also saw JGH win the first ever USW Money in the Bank briefcase and a Hall of Fame ceremony where Mr. Cartagena, Bobby Lashley, Ronald McDonald, Sarah Parkinson and Mr. Amazo were inducted into the Hall of Fame.

After that the PAA invaded with an impact and soon after a 10 Man Elimination Tag Team Match was introduced, where the winner would go back to the old USW board. USW went on to win that without The Rock, as he went on a hiatus. However, shortly after moving back to the old board, Mr. Cartagena returned and closed it down, promising to open a new board for the e-fed soon.

The new board opened in June and it is still going stong.

Top Ten USW Wrestlers of all time:-

1.) The Rock and T-Bone

Arguably the best fued USW has ever seen is between the joint top wrestlers USW has ever seen, The Rock and T-Bone. The Rock has become a 2 time USW World Champion as well as the first ever USW Universal Champion, winning the accolade for a second time against T-Bone on an edition of 'Wednesday Night Destruction'. T-Bone is the longest ever USW Champion, still holding the USW United States Title to this very day. He has also become the USW World Champion and the USW Universal Champion and has used his evil mind and created some interesting segments, as well as creating some shocking twists. T-Bone also became the only USW Hall of Famer, to date, by inducting himself into the Hall of Fame.

2.) P4

P4 has been a big trooper to USW and worked very hard to get to the top of the mountain. He was one of the first ever USW superstars to sign a contract with USW and he was involved in the first ever USW Main Event, at 'Monday Night Suffering', against Sara Parkinson in a Ladder Match for the USW World Championship. He lost that match controversially due to Fate interfering. However, he never gave up and finally won the accolade of being called the USW World Champion, as well as acquiring the USW Chaos Title on his historic journey.

3.) Redman

He was the guy who whipped some ass for fun. He became the first ever USW United States Champion on the first ever show, in a Submission Match against Sabre Stryke. He also went on to team up with Bobby Lashley, two of the three members of the USW Assassins, along with The Rock, to claim the Tag Team Titles. His Stone Cold-like attitude got him to the top quickly, and that's where he stayed. He engaged in several fueds with the likes of T-Bone and his former partner, Bobby Lashley.

4.) Fate and Horror

Fate is the scariest superstar USW has ever seen. He was involved controversially in the first ever Main Event, costing P4 the chance to become the first ever USW World Champion. He then went on to claim the Chaos Championship on more than one occassion. He also created tournaments such as the 'Tournament of Death' and created matches such as the 'Chamber of Fears' match. He also trained up superstars such as Horror, who is joint number four, and turned them into the evil being he is. He is still around, but now he is in a cameo role as he trains and backs up Horror, who has took over the tolr of USW' scariest superstar.

5.) Mr. P

Mr. P, along with Surfer, became the first ever USW Tag Team Champions in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match on an early edition of 'Monday Night Suffering'. Mr. P also became the first ever USW Chaos Champion, after defeating Triple H in a Steel Cage Match at the first ever USW PPV, 'Genesis' 2007. He also acquired the USW World Championship after it got vacated and handed to him by Mr. Dunkan.

6.) Maverick Jones

Here is a guy who claims he was held back by Mr. Cartagena. His hatred of Mr. Cartagena caused him to hold Mr. Cartagena hostage and it fueld him to go on and become the USW World Champion, after defeating The Rock in a Dome of Destruction Match at 'Higher Ground' 2007, where Mr. Cartagena was featured as the Special Guest Referee.

7.) Aragorn

Aragorn was a force to be reckoned with ever since he stepped into a USW locker room. At Nocuous Remedy, he picked up his first USW Championship in the form of the USW Chaos Champion in a match which also featured former USW Chaos Champion, Fate, and Hirudegarn. Aragorn also went on to team up with Hogan to become the first ever USW Duo Champions, after defeating the teams of Kurt Angle and Kratos, and the Ohara Brothers, in a Triple Threat TLC Match. His last accolade before retiring was the United States Title, which he won in a match against Ronald McDonald.

8.) Captain Awesome

Captain Awesome is arguably the funniest USW superstars of all time, cutting some great promos on a regular basis. He sees himself as a superhero and he never backs down from a challenge. He won his first accolade after Jade Malikai cotroversally handed him the USW Chaos Title. He also picked up the XXX Title, with Nathan Cadge having joint custody to both those titles. He went on to acheive several Chaos Title reigns and he is the current World Champ.

9.) Jade Malikai

Jade Malikai has been influential during his short period of time within USW. He soon became regonised as one of the top superstars after defeating The Rock for the Universal Title at 'Feast of the Beast' in a Rib Cage Match. Although he is unpredictable and you never know what to expect with him, including if he's going to compete or not, he is still entertaining and a progressive wrestler. However, after being defeated for the USW Universal Title by T-Bone, his injury forced him to have to commentate and he now commentates along with Ronald McDonald and Bob Bob. Due to him being a commentator, he was able to compete and win the Commentating Title after defeating Funaki at 'New Beginnings'.

10.) Sara Parkinson

Sara Parkinson became the only woman, to date, to wear the USW World Championship. She defeated P4 controversially, with some help from Fate, in a Ladder Match at the premiere USW tapping, 'Monday Night Suffering'. She didn't stay long but she did make a cameo appearance at USW's first ever 'Wednesday Night Destruction' as she caught up with retiring owner, Mr. Cartagena.

Other superstars worth a mention are Mr. Amazo, Bobby Lashley, Kid Radical, Flyer, The ShowStopper and JGH.

Current USW Champions:-

World Champion: Andy Brookes

Tag Team Champions: Kane and Phenomena

Chaos Champion: Phenomena

US Champion: [Jack Daniels]]


Survivor Show

This PPV was designed to test the survivor skills of the USW superstars. At each 'Survivor Show' event, there is always a 10 Man Elmination Tag Match, where the winning team are usually rewarded in some way. It is usually set in the month of Febuary.

Pick their Posion

The USW 'Pick their Posion' PPV allows votes to be conducted to decide opponents for matches and match types, sometimes even stipulations. This is where polls will be created in the 'Promo' section to decide what matches will take place, with the people then voting accordingly. It is usually set in March.


Normal PPV, usually set in April.

5 Miles to Pain

Normal PPV, usually set in May.

Spring Broken

This PPV is home to the Money in the Bank Competition, where the winner gets a shot at the World Title whenever they want. It is usually set in June.

United to Save your Ass

Normal PPV, usually set in July.

Summer Bash

Normal PPV, usually set in August.

Nocous Remedy

This is USW's extreme night, where every match is of an extreme nature. It is usually hosted in September.

State of Incubus

This is the USW PPV that is hosted around Halloween time. It is where the Chamber of Fears Match, created by the psycotic Fate, takes place for the USW Universal Title. The qualifying for this match takes place in a Tournament of Death, which was again created by Fate.

Higher Ground

This is the PPV that plays host to the Dome of Destruction Match. So every year superstars will battle it out for a USW Title in the Dome of Destruction Match. It is usually set in November.

Saturday Night Main Event

This is the place where the most memorable moments are held, from Randy Orton taking on Albert Einstein to Redman engaging in a Beer Drinking Contest with Ronald McDonald. Promo's for matches in 'Feast of the Beast' also take place here. It is usually held sometime in December.

Feast of the Beast

This is where USW superstars attempt to earn a spot in the USW New Beginnings Main Event for the Universal Title. It is either contested in an Over the Top Rope Battle Royal, a Beat the Clock Tournament or a King of the Ring Tournament. It is usually set in December, just after the 'Saturday Night Main Event'.

New Beginnings

This is USW's landmark PPV, where the USW Universal Title will be put on the line in the Main Event, where the champion will face the superstar who earned the shot at the title at the previous PPV. The title match is usually contested in a famous USW match from the past year (eg. Ring of Destiny or Dome of Destruction matches). This is where every USW superstar wants to compete and headline. It is usually hosted in January.

More to follow...

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