United States Wrestling Federation
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Company Profile
Acronym USWF
Company Slogan
Founder Aaron Long
Owners Mark McBrian
Founded 2005
Formerly {{{formerly}}}
HeadQuarters Bristol, Pennsylvania
Area Served Worldwide
Industry Sports
Genre Wrestling
Style Pro Wrestling
Key People Aaron Long
Mark McBrian
Parent The USWF Democracy
Sister Companies Unleashed Pro Wrestling

United States Wrestling Federation (USWF) is an American professional wrestling professional wrestling promotion. It was founded in 2005 by Aaron Long and is currently owned by Mark McBrian. USWF closed it's doors in late 2006, but recently was revived at it's latest UPW vs. USWF Collision Course show. Along with the announcement of USWF returning full time, it was announced that the power of the federation would be held by the USWF Democracy, a collected group of shareholders, responsible for the revival.

USWF broadcasts weekly with it's program, Living on the Edge (LOTE). as well as monthly PPVs and supershows. Previously, a second brand named High Voltage was introduced as well as a developmental system none as Ground Zero, but these were scrapped upon USWF's foreclosure.

It is broadcasted on the forums:


Current Champions

Championship Current Title Holder Date Won Previous Title Holder
USWF World Championship Mr. Duck --/--/-- Vacant
USWF Intercontinental Championship Jason Creed --/--/-- Vacant
Defunct Championship Last Title Holder(s) Date Won Previous Title Holder(s)
USWF Undisputed Championship Fire Cracker01/04/08 First Champion
USWF FTW Championship JC Thunder 1/28/08 Mr. Duck
USWF Pure Championship Adam Falcon 02/04/07 Danny Hazard
USWF X-Treme Championship Duke Hazard 02/04/07 Kyle Stevens
USWF Cruiserweight Championship El Cohete 11/12/06 N/A
USWF Tag Team Championships Double Negative 01/04/07 Franchise Players

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