United Wrestling Championship
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Founder IC: Brandon Fox OOC: Ben Hickman
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Founded August 2006
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HeadQuarters London, England
Area Served United Kingdom
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United Wrestling Championship (UWC) is an efed that was orginally formed in August of 2006, but due to variety of reasons never got started. As of April 2007 the UWC has reopened and is currently heading towards its first show

Early Days

United Wrestling Championship was originally the brainchild of Brandon Fox. Originally a successful businessman in London, Brandon decided to follow his dream and open up his own Promotion. A lifelong fan of professional wrestling Brandon felt that many current promotions lacked much variety in terms of action and developed the Triple Crown premise. The Triple Crown premise is basically a fusion of 3 of the most popular styles of professional wrestling, those being Pure wrestling, High Flying wrestling and Hardcore wrestling, each represented by its own belt. Brandon then decided on naming the promotions top belt the Triple Crown Championship, after the premise the promotion was centred around.

Fox then invested money into hiring some of the most talented wrestlers from the United Kingdom and the United States, and secured a TV deal on BBC 3. Although so far Fox had gotten plenty of interest in the product, things went downhill from then. During the broadcast, which was being filmed live, many of the talents Fox had hired for the show failed to make an appearance, forcing heavy rewrites throughout the whole event. This, as well as Fox’s inexperience with booking, reduced the overall quality of the show. Due to poor ratings and bad reviews the BBC pulled the show from its network and instead ran reruns of Doctor Who.

After being cancelled, Fox was forced into releasing the entire UWC roster, as he wasn’t able to meet his contractual obligations. UWC continued to operate however; touring holiday camps with a roster of low skilled wrestlers.

The Revival

A few months later UWC was brought by Marcus Gold for an extremely low price, of which Brandon Fox had agreed to due to the large loss of money he had suffered with the promotions failure. After the purchase Gold set to work getting the UWC in good operation. He released all of the workers that were in the company while it was working holiday camps, with the exception of 4 who Gold believed would be useful as jobbers when the promotion eventually reopened. These 4, “Raging” Chino Chang, Deacon Cutler, Smasher and Hans Goering, were classed as Developmental Talents and as part of their contracts it was agreed that although wins were unlikely, they would not always be used in squash matches as typical jobbers are. Gold then set to work hiring new talent to fill out the roster.

Compared to Fox, Gold took his time developing a roster that he knew he could trust to fulfil their contractual agreements, whereas Fox had primarily hired talent quickly in order to get started as quickly as possible. Included in the new roster line-up were 2 talents from the original roster, Simz and a long time friend of Gold, Blade, who was also influential in the original UWC, and the one who convinced Gold to buy UWC in the first place.

Gold decided that he was going to keep the original concept and title belts, only changing the name of the Fusion title, which represented the high-flying division, to the Death-Deifier title. Gold then set out to find the UWC a new home. Due to the damage that Fox cause the reputation of UWC, Gold knew that from day one the possible fan base would be less likely and that getting bookings in arenas may be more difficult. Because of this, Gold settled on buying an abandoned warehouse and completely renovating it and converting it into what is now known as the UWC Arena, the current base of operations for UWC. To celebrate the return of UWC, Gold conceived one last surprise, a match to give some of the biggest structures in professional wrestling a run for their money. A match only currently known as the Triple Fusion Cage.


Normal Roster

Womans Roster

Tag Teams & Stables


Developmental Talents

Television Crew

  • JD (Play by Play Commentator)
  • Shad (Colour Commentator)
  • Armando Rosa (Backstage Reporter)



United Wrestling Championship Homepage

United Wrestling Championship Television Archive

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