Universal Wrestling was originally the "Universal Wrestling Allaince" in 1998 and was a minor league promotion for the Superior Wrestling Federation. The promotion eventually broke away from the SWF, established itself as an up-and-coming roleplay-based promotion, and in 2003 became the uW; an angle-based promotion that ran smoothly well into 2007. Members calling the UWA/uW home were people such as; Jeff Robbins, Kevin Jones, Nathanial Renzo Glore, Cr0'//, Mad Bomber, Tony Field, Ashton Crowley, Ravyn, Christian Keaton, Tim Reigns, Polar, Turk, Gravedigger, Frost and more.

The SWF Years 1998-1999

The SWF established the UWA in 1998 as a minor league promotion to handle the overwhelming influx of new talent into the eW hobby. In early 1999 the promotion was handed over to Christian Keaton aka Kyle to run and promote. The federation ran very well and soon members of the main SWF roster were asking for matches on the UWA shows. The feeling was people were treated more fairly on the UWA level, even main eventers from SWF were asking questions of management.

Soon, the board of SWF were looking to oust Kyle, the UWA GM, as they thought he had planted the seed to take out the SWF. When they announced to the roster they were planning on letting Kyle go many members stood against it. In fact, some top-talent asked for the roles of the UWA and SWF be switched and to place Kyle at the helm of the "top promotion".

The "release" of Christian Keaton, Kyle's alter-ego, was put aside as the SWF board tried to figure out how to go about things. Then, in December of 1999, four players, including Kyle took matters into their own hands and broke away from the SWF. The four declared that the talent in UWA was no longer tied to SWF, but could choose to go willingly if they wanted. This move became known in the circle as the "Christmas Surprise".

UWA/uW '00-'03

The UWA stood against the SWF and the two were bitter rivals. Competing for talent, and shooting on eachother's promotions frequently. The leader of UWA, Christian Keaton (Kyle) has commented; "It (the rivalry) was what made the two promotions flourish. I don't think without the hate for the other that either one of them would have lasted so long."

UWA reached it's peak in 2002 when it unveiled two minor league promotions of it's own. Each "brand" was featured as it's own show, Suspense and War. This move by UWA was what finally killed off SWF and cemented UWA as the "winner" of the rivalry.

uW Bittersweet Victory

The decemation of SWF was what Christian Keaton (Kyle) had worked for. Many feel this is what also killed uW. The promotion chnaged to it's updated name of "Universal Wrestling" in late '02 and went on unchallenged in it's circle for well over a full year of constant production. However, in the end with no major rival, and only petty personal squabbles to rail against, Kyle lost his drive, stepped down, and turned the promotion over to a faithful friend, Matt Golda. Golda ran the promotion for a few more months, but it never reached the heights of '01 and '02.

uW The Return '06-'07

At the urging of John Harvey (Tyke) Kyle made one last run at bringing back the powerful eFed of the early 2000's. He signed some good folks, but the promotion never took hold, and eventually folded in early '07


The titles and title histories are coming soon.

Notable Angles

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