Unleashed Pro Wrestling is the official E-fed of [wrestlingUNLEASHED][1]. Throwdown was established in the summer of 2005, and ever since then, it has brought the most in depth characters, the bitterest rivalries and non-stop high octane impact each and every sunday. Most memorable moments include the first ever ladder match at the first ever PPV, Wild Fury, the near death expericence of Lazarus and Andrew Jacobs in a Light Tube Match. The shocking turn of events that saw Team United States Wrestling Federation face off against Team Unleashed in the Cage of Death. With characters such as J.C. Thunder, "The Eternal Underdog" Lazarus, Big Daddy Kool, and the "Straight Shootin" Kaos Kid, it's no wonder that UPW has remained on top of fantasy wrestling.

The Begining

In the Summer of 2005 an e-federatio seemingly popoed up out of nowhere. The Main admin of the site, known as Karnage, wanted the fed to make an immediate impact. A casual member of WU and a friend to Karnage agreed to write the shows. He worked hard to create a proper PPV card out of the growing roster.

At the time there were a massive 13 stars on the card. To open, a wrestler named Phantom who had only just ended the career of blue inferno, looked to enter himself into the main event title match if he managed to defeat a mystery opponent, or otherwise be fired from the promotion.

Further more a battle raging between Marshmellow and Aaron Long had led to Aaron assigning Marshmellow a partner in the recently injured Legend Killer to take on A.Long's faithful body guard, Big Daddy Kool. Once Weeks before BDK had recruited Big Mark Evans to help him take down the two for the Boss. AS if they really needed any more motivation the Tag Team titles were also put up for grabs.

The title matches continued as J.C. Thunder took on Slim Thug. It was safe to say that Thunder would have his work cut out for him agaisnt Slim Thug, a man who had won the UPW Television Title in a massive fatal Four way on UPW's weekly televised show, Throwdown.

The next match, arguibly a filler match, thought UPW owner, Aaron Long would never admit that any match in UPW was a filler. However filler or not, failed World Title contender Michael Moorely and upset Justin Zane looked to tear the roof off with thier matches.

In the past few weeks a World Title had led to the final being A Triple Threat Ladder match between Lazarus, Jester and Mason Cell. A Triple Threat Ladder match featuring three of the most dominant stars. Jester, the diabolical veteran of several promotions definately had the mental edge in this one. Mason Cell, the imposing holy figure had the size advantage. But Lazarus, no doubt the smallest of all 3 had the heart and ferocity to be champion. Maybe none of them have the complete edge, as a fourth participant is possible. Phantom no doubt had the surprise factor. But in order to take part in this match, he must defeat a mystery opponent.

The Night of Wild fury came around and it definately started with a bang. Winin the inner circles of Wrestling was a professional wrestler known as The Amazing Fire Cracker. Greatness Personified turned out to be Phantoms career ending opponent.

Afterwards Firecracker retook his position at the announcer table for the tag team title match. Using sheer power and force BDK and BME, collectively known as The Big Boys, took home the titles.

They weren't the only ones taking home titles either. J.C. Thunder made a mark on UPW history by taking out Slim Thug to become the New UPW TV Champion.

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