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Ring Names UnlimitedExtreme
Height 6 ft 6 in
Weight 288 lb
Date of birth November 16, 1974
Place of birth Lander, Wyoming
Date of death
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Resides Toledo, Ohio
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Debut 2005

Brian Rothschild (born November 16, 1974) is an American Pro-Wrestler. He is better known by his ring name, UnlimitedExtreme. Rothschild is currently working for WWE:FE.


Brian Rothschild started his career in Spring of 2005, debuting for the company, Intense Championship Wrestling, where he would only be with the company for five months. After being let-go by the company due to the sudden death of his brother, he began to search else-where. He came to a company called, Anarchy Wrestling Mayhem.


Rothschild began to work for AWM back in January of 2006. He went on to win the World Tag Titles controversially with his rival/nemesis, The Reaper. Brian Rothscihld was soon devastated by the immediate shut down of the company after only being there for 14 months.


Dynasty Wrestling Association opened up, and Brian was informed. Looking for a place to call home, once again. DWA was where UE would become top of the line, and knew how to whoop ass, except some people just didn't see him as a great wrestler. UE then won the title, he was the companies only Champion before falling. Brian does not refer any title wins from this company in his record books.


Brian Rothschild was led to WWE:FE after the falling of AWM, by rival/nemesis, The Reaper. Although currently contracted, some may say that Brian comes off too cocky for his own good. He is currently in the title hunt on Raw, and plans to face the the current champion Ashley Massaro for The World Heavyweight Title. Brian Rothschild and real-life friend & wrestler, Patrick, who was once a General Manager on the WWE:FE Show, ECW, had a confrontation about the past. A Short lived "AWM" reunion was in store but nothing ever came of it. Brian Rothschild was a very active main-eventer in the WWEFE, but over the past year, the FE fans have noticed to see that he makes brief appearances. His return to the ring caught a glimpse of a new-attitude of Rothschild. He is seen with the love of his life, Andrehia, backstage at Raw now, and he has Ashley Massaro's Title set in his eyes.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
  • Unlimited HeadBanging! (Surfboard + Multiple Head Smashing to the canvas, then a Leg Drop To The Back of the Head.)
  • Unlimited Submission Hold (Reverse Figure Four Leg Lock Standing Up)
  • Grave Digger' (Reverse Death Valley Driver)
  • Signature moves
  • Helicopter Splash (Spinning Body Splash From Top Turnbuckle)
  • Spider German Suplex
  • Flying Clothesline From Hell
  • Catch and Release (Fall Away Slam)

  • Quotes
  • "Unlimited Talent. Extreme Attitude."
  • "Your Mother and Father loved me more!"
  • "If I were you, I'd turn my ass around, because I would be afraid of a two hundred eighty-eight pounder coming after me with a Light-Tube Chair."
  • "If only you knew what I did to your mother last night..."
  • "Reaper, I didn't need you last week. I have my own sinister of evil guiding me."
  • "Haunting you is like taking candy away from a baby"
  • "If you were half as good as you speak, then you wouldn't need a partner in crime."

Championships and accomplishments

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