Unlimited Enterprises Wrestling
UEW Logo Small
Debut Date March 8th, 2008
Headquarters Seattle, Washinton
Owner Scott Slaney
Shows Ignition
General Managers Steve Corman, Derek Sharp
Web Address Unlimited

Unlimited Enterprises Wrestling (UEW) is an American professional wrestling promotion founded by Scott Slaney in February 2008. It is currently owned and operated by its parent company Unlimited Enterprises, Inc. UEW originally started out as Unlimited Combat Wrestling (UcW) until it was combined and merged with Northern National Championship Wrestling (NNCR) a Canada-based promotion also owned by Unlimited Enterprises. Its debut show entitled ‘Rebirth’ is to be held on March 9th 2008 at the former UcW Arena in Seattle, Washington.


UEW first began operations after Unlimited Enterprises and Scott Slaney made the decision for a coperate merger between Unlimited Combat Wrestling and Northern National Championship Wrestling. Following this all the previous champions of UcW and NNCR we're stripped of their titles.

Active Roster

  • Andrew Mayhem
  • Assassin
  • Bill Masters
  • Bishe
  • Cletus Haycock
  • Deraneo
  • Eric Anderson
  • Gerry Angelo
  • GQ Money
  • Jen Sensation
  • Jason Violent
  • Jonathan Mills
  • Keith Justice
  • Max Cameron
  • M4
  • Mike Auger
  • Mike Cheese
  • Mike Mancini
  • Mike Robain
  • Parker Davis
  • Pawne
  • Richard Swollen
  • Rooke
  • Scarecrow
  • SeYa 'hKrAm
  • Titan Smith
  • Tommy Phoenix
  • Van Wyld
  • Zac Reis

Tag Teams & Stables

  • Team Amazing: Keith Justice & Mike Cheese
  • Intergrity Inc.: Bill Masters, Gerry Angelo, GQ Money, Jason Violent & Zac Reis
  • The Psychobillies: Bishe, Pawne & Rooke

Pay Per Views

  • N/A

Current Champions

Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Event
Unlimited Championship Vacant 02-08-08 UEW Rebirth
Pride Championship Vacant 02-08-08 UEW Rebirth
Television Championship Vacant 02-08-08 UEW Rebirth
Unlimited Tag Team Championship Vacant N/A N/A

Extra Information

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