Unnecessary Roughness Wresling
Acronym URWL
Industry E-Wrestling (2000-2003)

CAW Wrestling (December 2006-present)

Headquarters Buffalo, NY
Area Served None
Episodes None
Theme Music None
Brand(s) None
Additional Shows URWL Roughness

URWL Wrestling (Former Series)

Established 1999
Chairman VinceNeil1981
COO None
Vice President None
Writer(s) None
Head of GFX None
Founder(s) Goldash007
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The Unnecessary Roughness Wrestling League (URWL) is a Buffalo, New York-based CAW wrestling promotion. The URWL strives to deliver an authentic, realistic wrestling experience. In its present state, the URWL is a CAW wrestling league that does not accept members in order to maintain the feeling of televised wrestling. The league is owned by Goldash007.

League History


The URWL was founded in late 1999 by Goldash007 as a roleplay-based e-wrestling federation. The league originally was based on a similar wrestling organization headed by Mark Root, MWL. Like MWL, the early URWL utilized ZeusPro match simulation software. In March 2000, the URWL hwaxioeld its first event, an episode of Friday Fire.

The YouTube Era


URWL on YouTube Logo (2006-2007)

The YouTube Era of the URWL began in 2006, when CEO Goldash007 decided to re-open the league as a CAW wrestling organization instead of a text-based, roleplay-based E-wrestling federation. It lasted until June 3rd, 2008, when the URWL was removed from YouTube as the result of a suspension.


URWL Wrestling Logo (2008)


In the aftermath of the suspension from YouTube, Goldash007 decided to move every previously-posted URWL video to another site, On this site, viewers are able to download full YouTube Era episodes and suhpercards in ZIP format (with the exception of URWL Digital Mayhem 2008, which was both streaming and downloadable). The URWL on YouTube event was replaced in Episode 7 with a generically-titled show called URWL Wrestling, which retained nearly every production feature of Season 2's URWL on YouTube episodes.



The URWL holds one major event, a supercard, after every two "episodes".

Current Title Holders

Championship Current champion Date Won Event Location
World Championship Jaime Emo 5/17/2008 Digital Mayhem 2008 Kansas City, MO
Federational Championship Aleksandar Kuleshov 10/4/2014 Live Episode 1 Buffalo, NY
Highflyer Championship Trent Tail 5/26/2009 Episode 9 Nashville, TN
Hardkore Championship Akina 5/17/2008 Digital Mayhem 2008 Kansas City, MO
Womens' Championship Cecilia Rincón 12/25/2008 Popular Demand 2008 Los Angeles, CA
Tag Team Championship The Great White North 12/25/2008 Popular Demand 2008 Los Angeles, CA

Current URWL Roster

Male Roster

Womens' Division

Tag Team Roster

  • The Downfall Syndicate (Wes Tomerka and Adrien Carnage)
  • The Great White North - URWL Tag Team Champions (Kyle Stafford and Shaun McAndrew)
  • Merle & Hog (Merle Haggard Jr. and Hog Williker)
  • The Experts of Execution (E.O.E.) (Carl Load and J.J. Brown)
  • The Self-Proclaimed Icons (Barry White and Shane B. Perkins)

Fans' Choice Awards

Every year, the URWL opens fan voting on the most popular aspects of the previous season. Through the URWL Rantboard, viewers are able to cast their votes in multiple categories, including "Wrestler of the Year", "Match of the Year", and "Event of the Year".


  • Barry White, The Hammer, Spectre, Abbitt and Blood are known as the "original five", the first five wrestlers to sign contracts with the URWL. Blood and Barry White are the only representatives of the "original five" in the modern CAW era.
  • Presently, 20 wrestlers on the current URWL roster have wrestled in the URWL text-based era.
  • In 2005, the URWL was briefly blacklisted by RoughKut because of a disagreement on the site's forums between Goldash007 and forum moderators.
  • On May 4th, 2008, EFW Wrestling posted a video that involved main eventer King Bryan stealing the URWL Championship out of a locker. The video, however, turned out to be a "Rickroll".
  • On June 3rd, 2008, the YouTube Era of the URWL came to an abrupt end after the league's channel was removed from YouTube for no known reason.

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