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Floyd D Hobbs (born October 24,1967) is an American professional wrestler, known by his ring name( The JC Cowboy, ) Floyd D Hobbs was well known for his Mission as the Pastor of Petra Rock Of Praise Church in North Vernon,Indiana to brake into new and unchartered fields of Ministry in a very fast paced world. Floyd D Hobbs' work as a professional wrestler is well marked by his ring name (The JC Cowboy,) as the JC in his ring name stands for Jesus Christ.

(The JC Cowboy,) made his debut in the AWA (American Wrestling Alliance.) In 1996 he was the only one at that time bringing the Ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the wrestling world in the AWA (American Wrestling Alliance) and he was given much recognition for that purpose. For the first three and a half years of his career as  (The JC Cowboy,) he came out to the ring to White Cross's Song (Because Of Jesus,) passing out bibles to his fans, setting an unparalled mark in his career as well as being the only wrestler at that time with a Perfect No Loss record in the squared circle.

In 1997 (The JC Cowboy,) formed a band of wrestling's notorious outlaws, They were known as the XWO (X-treme Wrestling Outlaws.) The XWO members were: Madd-Dawg Murphy, Live Wire, Texas Rebel, and The JC Cowboy. They were known for taking extreme measures to get themselves noticed by the AWA (American Wrestling Alliance). After Floyd's three and a half year winning streak as (The JC Cowboy,) He decided to change his gimmick from a face, to a heel gimmick known as (PrettyBoyFloydStarr.) Floyd has wrestled for the AWA(American Wrestling Alliance,) IPW(Infinity Pro Wrestling,)and the AWA(American Wrestling Association,) and has worked with wrestling superstar talent such as: Richard Afflis, Mark Calaway, Dave Batista,Randy Orton,John Cena,Mark Henry,Paul White,Bobby Eaton,Jim Cornette, Rob Conway, Nick Dinsmore, Greg Valintine, Ricco Constintino, Chris Masterson,Jon Wall, Rip Rogers, Roary McFearson, Robby McFearson, Jarome Croney, Bandan Hobbs, Mark Houston, Roger Blade, Shawn Sands(Eric Dravin,) Billy Maverick, Donny(Spazz,) Brad Leiman, Big Bubba, Jack Manson, Justin Sane, Max, Tricky Rick, Mr.Black, The Prophet, Scott Magnum, Willy Loseagain, Rick Ravage, Patch, Dark Messiah, HillBilly Jed, Bravehearts, Cousin Cooter, and many more.

PrettyBoy FloydStarr,

On August 18, 2007. — AWA-Supreme – Tournament for Supreme Title Shot from Madison, Indiana: Eric Draven b Karma (1st Round), Chris Blayze b Leo Lyons by Submission (1st Round), Damien Divine b Brandon Hunter by Countout (1st Round), The Amazing Pooky b Robert Royale (1st Round), Damien Divine b The Amazing Pooky (2nd Round), Chris Blayze b Eric Draven (2nd Round), Chris Blayze b Damien Divine in the Finals of the Tournament, Billy Maverick b Chris Blayze to retain the AWA Supreme title — Notes: Floyd Starr was introduced as the new AWA-Supreme Commissioner, appointed by AWA Ambassador Bret Morris..

9-1-07 SCW AWA04:38

9-1-07 SCW AWA

Commissioner PrettyBoy FloydStarr (pic #4)

SCW(Supreme Championship Wrestling,) SCW/AWA(Supreme Championship Wrestling/American Wrestling Association,) AWA(American Wrestling Association,)

Floyd is an accomplished Minister as well as a Musician and Professional Wrestler.

At the age of 18, he was made a Jr.Sunday School Teacher at the Midway Church of God, And preached his first sermon at the Church of God in Franklin, the age of 19. Where he also taught the Jr.Sunday School Class every Sunday morning. He was then called by God as an Evangelist,and on January 1,1989.He started Jesus Exalted Ministries International Inc.also the United Full Gospel Church Association Inc.,And the United Full Gospel University Inc. He and his wife and children traveled from Indiana to Texas to preach his first 4 day revival.

Then traveled all across the Coastline,preaching from Florida till he reached Coronado Island, outside of San-Diego California.

On February 6,1996. Floyd D Hobbs received his Ministers License from the

Full Gospel Pentecostal Foundation Inc. of (Louisville,Kentucky.)

While in Fort White,Florida Floyd started The Hobbs Academy Inc..Est.August 23,1993. On February 16,1997. Floyd D Hobbs became Rev.Floyd D Hobbs, receiving his Ministers License and a Church Charter from The Exalted Ministries Inc. (Greensburg,Indiana.) is given a seat as a Director of The Exalted Ministries Inc. Upon His return to Indiana, He Established Petra Rock of Praise Church in (NorthVernon,Indiana.) on April 16,1997. Then he Established The Hobbs Academy (NorthVernon,Indiana.) with the Indiana State Department of Education and is granted status as a Privite School No# 73-7350-SA46 Est. September 1,1999.

Rev.Floyd D Hobbs received his Ordained Ministers License and Doctorate Of Divinity Degree and Church Charter from the Free Pentecostal Fellowship Conference(Fort Smith,Arkansas.)

January 25,2004. Along with his Ordination License and Church Charter he received his Doctrate Of Divinity Degree, now he is known as Rev.Dr.Floyd D Hobbs from this point on being his term as an Ordained Minister does not expire, it is for the term of life.

Other Churches the Rev.Dr.Floyd D Hobbs is Ordained for the term of life through are as follows:

The United New Testament Church International (Toney,Al.) Ordination date Dec.4,2005

Universal Life Church (Modesto,Ca.) Ordination date Dec.6,2005.

Church of Spiritual Humanism ,Ordination date Dec.10,2005.

Sovereign Aquarian Church,Ordination date Dec.10,2005.

Universal Ministries,Ordination date Dec.10,2005.

The New Life Church,Ordination date Dec.10,2005.

The First Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic,Ordination date Dec.12,2005 Rev.Dr.Floyd D Hobbs also received his BSR.Degree from TFUCTAA.

Gods' Living Word Ministries,Ordination date Dec.3,2006.

Universal Life Church Monastery,Ordination date Jan.10,2007. From this Ordination being from a Monastery Rev.Dr.Floyd D Hobbs BSR., can also be called a Monk.

February 5,2009. Rev.Dr.Floyd D Hobbs BSR. received IRS/State 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status for Jesus Exalted Ministries International Inc. Est.Jan.1,1989.

February 12,2009 Rev.Dr.Floyd D Hobbs BSR.received Ordained Ministers License and Church Charter, and also Doctorate of Divinity from United Full Gospel Church Association(Lexington,NC.)

March 16,2009 Rev.Dr.Floyd D Hobbs BSR.received IRS/State 501 (c)(3)Tax Exempt Status for United Full Gospel Church Association Inc. Est.Jan.1, 1989.

April 22,2009 Rev.Dr.Floyd D Hobbs BSR. receives IRS/State 501(c)(3)Tax Exempt Status for United Full Gospel University Inc. Floyd is currently serving as a Music Minister at Souls Harbor Community Church in Melbourne, Florida. And also plays Bass Guitar for Christian Rock Eclipse 180.

Though Floyd D Hobbs is Ordained by many different Churches, He still holds to the beliefs and foundations of the Pentecostal Faith of John Zebedee the Beloved Apostle of Jesus Christ.

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