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SIXXX is an American professional wrestler, currently singed to the NIWF

Background/Early Life

SIXXX was once a normal person, not long, but he was a normal baby anyway. In the dark streets of Manomet a foul group of top secret government officials decided to start an undercover base used for conducting cruel expirements. The town was not big and the only real source of jobs came from the Nuclear power plant. THIS was where they would start. The government bought out the power plant and fired every worker there, making their first moves toward the expirements. Around the same time, a young couple had bought a cheap house in Manomet with high hopes of raising a family. Their family turned from two to three when they had a baby name Jason Murdoch. The three live comfortibly in their warm home as Jason's father had a nice job working out of town, around Boston. Back at the plant, things were ready for Project Powerhouse to comence. The first thing they needed was human test subjects, which they found in the local families. Babies from newborn to SIX months were taken from their beds, right under the parents noses and locked up in dirty cells in the power plant. Jason Murdoch was one of 36 babies to be kidnapped, and all in all, he would be the only to survive. Day in and day out, the children were given a black liquid and several shots, usually containing a greenish glowing substance. They were beaten horribly, and were given no attention, weather it be from the people running the tests, or the other children. This went on for 10 years, when there was finally a breakthrough. Just in time it seemed, a test subject had started to show signs of telepathic and other powers. It was just in time, because most of the other subjects had died. Oddly enough, just as the breakthrough was made, the whole operation was ruined by a giant fire. Almost all other remains of the people inside were found, all but test subject SIXXX. From there, SIXXX went to hell, came back, and began spreading the word of Satan. He now resides in the Manomet forest in his black church. Satan is his master and He is Satan's.

No Imitation Wrestling Federation

SIXXX was contracted on October 10th, 2008. He made his debut with an impact at the "Virtual Chaos" Ladder match against nine other opponents. Although he did not win, people remembered SIXXX's name after.

Kyra Gracie

Weeks into debuting, SIXXX met another debuting superstar by the name of Kyra Gracie, a Brazilian Jujitsu specialist, and a member of the US Army. Almost immediately, the two did not like each other. It started off with a couple of choice words from SIXXX, which then lead to Kyra raiding SIXXX's Satanic church. THIS sent SIXXX over the edge. Eager for revenge, SIXXX sought the Beautiful Brazilian to take her to his newly refurbished church, to brutalize and rape her. THIS sent Kyra over the edge, only a day before her Pay-Per-View inter-gender, 6 man tag match. She teamed with Ryan Hardy and her fling, Valentino Love, while SIXXX teamed with no-names ANACALGON, and Jesse Taylor at Terror Tactics. A week later, Kyra flipped out and challenged SIXXX to end this in a razor wire cage match at Civil Insurrection. SIXXX not only won, but sent Kyra packing. She hasn't been seen since.

Sinister Alliance Part 1

Around the end of December, SIXXX was contacted by a man who had just debuted in the NIWF, but was known very well in other places; Stormfront. It seemed that Stormfront and his tag team partner, Justin Vincible, were looking for only the most evil of evil in the Federation to join their stable The Sinister Alliance. SIXXX fit the bill. Not only did he fit the bill, but he was very interested. So now with the Alliance to have his back, SIXXX was getting into bigger and better things. Although he was forced to team with one of his bitter enemies, TrenB, he made it to the finals of the 2008 tag Tourney, and was given a TV title shot against TrenB the next week. Things were looking good for the Serial Satanist...or so he thought. Stormfront and Justin Vincible were "Fired" weeks later.

Going Nowhere Fast

The next few months were hard for SIXXX. Injury complications had caught up with him, along with his angry followers for ditching them. this often lead to a lack of focus and in a few cases, not even showing up to the arena. That is until...


It seemed that the "firing" of Stormfront and Justin Vincible was a hoax. they had been on vacation, and decided to make their big entrance by killing Hugh Mongous in the ring. That night, it was also reviled that SIXXX only seemed occupied. He was actually putting on a costume and playing as Dr. Deal Good, Hugh's trainer. Since their return, Stormfront and Justin Vincible have become Unified Tag champions, and SIXXX is well on his way to being the next Storm Champion.


Mark of the Beast - Killswitch

Triple SIXXX - Triple Side Russian Leg Sweep

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