Quick introduction:

iTNA - Irc Total Non-Stop Action, is an interactive IRC Federation that was founded in 2008 and has been providing quality irc-wrestling entertainment via your IRC client ever since. Utilising the original text-based 'iTNA-Ref' bot, unique to iTNA, players are able to partake in all kinds of pro-wrestling style bouts and events, and collect statistics, win/loss records and even championship title belts!

Sounds like fun? I thought so. Why not come check it out? Grab yourself and IRC client(We recommend mIRC), and connect to our friendly dedicated IRC server @

Once there, join the action in #iTNA channel.

It's all pretty self-explanitory from there, but do not hesitate to message our staff members for assistance or if you have any further questions.

All of us at Team iTNA hope to see YOU in our locker room soon!

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