jesse abbott(capt abbott)[7][8] (born April 1, 1980)[[|[3]]] is an American professional wrestler and actor. He is signed to tcw wrestling on its payment brand.[[|[9]]] abbott is a 4th-generation professional wrestler; his grandfather fred mumford., father "ace smock, as well as his uncle fred whitbeck and his mom amy abbott, all competed in the professional wrestling industry.[[|[2]]][[|[10]]]

Before being promoted to the main (icw, now tcw) roster, abbott trained in and wrestled for hardcorr Wrestling impact for a month. He was then sent to (icw), where Orton held the icw Hardcore Championship on two separate occasions.[[|[11]]]

After signing with tcw, Orton became a member of the stable twisted famliy, which quickly led to a tcw Intercontinental Championship reign, his first title with the company.[[|[12]]] abbott also acquired the moniker twisted one" during a storyline where he began disrespecting wrestler and physically attacking veterans of the industry outside of appropriate restrictions.[[|[1]]] At age 24, abbott became the youngest person ever to hold the World Heavyweight Championship.[[|[13]]] With this win, Orton departed from twisted famliy and a feud with his former stablemates began. In 2006, Orton joined forces with additude in a tag team known as twisted additude. Together, abbott and additude held the World Tag Team Championship.[[|[14]]] After the team disbanded, during mid-2007, Orton gained two tcw Championship reigns in one night.[[|[15]]] Orton formed the group wolfpack with sid and invasion in 2008, however, they would disband in 2010 with abbott returning to singles competition. Overall, abbott has won eleven total championships in tcw, including being a nine-time world champion, having won the World Heavyweight Championship three times and the tcw Championship six times. He is also the winner of the 2009 twisted kid match.[[|[16]]]

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