GZWA Heavyweight Champion

GZWA Women's Champion

Amber Torres

Leon Torres

Dash Torres

GZWA Television Champion

Real Name: Zachery Keri Cruz

In-Ring Name: Keri Cruz

Date of Birth: June 6th, 1988

Height: 5'10

Weight: 187

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Personality: Gofy all around Cheerful guy, is known for his strong accent which

Physical Description: Keri is known for his stretched ears and multiple tattoos all over his body.

Ethnicity: Brazilian & Italian American 

Pic Base: T.Millz



Wrestling Style: Grounded Brawler

Strengths: Submissions

Weaknesses: Umm.

Entrance Theme: "Dead and Gone" By Jim Johnston [Corey Graves theme]

Entrance Description:


Manager's Pic Base:

Ring Attire:

Out Of Ring Attire:


10-15 Generic Moves:


Primary Finisher Name: Air Cruz

Description: Springboard Codebreaker

Secondary Finisher: Cruz Control

Description: (Bicycle Yakuza Kick

Cali Ride (Cloverleaf Boston Crab Submission)
Tagger (Back to back double underhook piledriver) [Kudo Driver]


1x CFW Tag Team Champion

1x WFOW US Champion
4x WFOW Tag Team Champion

Keri was born June 6th 1988 to Zack Miller and Vanessa Cruz. At the age of 3 his father died soon after his mother moved him and herself to Brazil to be clooser to her family. In Brazil Keri learned Portuguese which became his main language. Keri would frequently get in trouble with local law mostly from hanging around older cousins. At a young age Keri had a fascination with art. At 11 he tagged his first wall and hasn't been able to put down a spray can since. At the age of 14, his mother moved them back to California to try and find a better life for her son who was steady following his relatives footsteps. Upon arriving back to the states with no where else to live, Keri and his mom lived homeless for about a year before she got back in contact with a old friend. Keri and his mother moved in with the friend and her family where they would live for 2 years. Keri quickly boded with the family's son Greg and the two became quick friends. Greg would teach Keri English and Keri would teach him everything he knew about Graffiti. After moving out Keri and Greg kept in contact and after seeing a local live show the pair deiced that wrestling was something they wanted to do. The friends signed up and attended the same school for a year before debuting a year later in 2006. The pair rose to the top of the tag team division and quickly captured their first set of titles. 

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