I think I'm one of these old school e-fedders these days. I've been in this game for a long time now, probably too long (look at my Doctor Ian page to get an idea of how long exactly), but I always find there is a difference between how people categorise themselves.

For example, whenever I write my Wikia's and create them I always write it for example as...

"Tobias Farrington is a professional wrestler from..."

You know. We all pretend our wrestler is a real wrestler, or it makes this game, well, pointless.

More recently I've come accross the following sort of example:

"Tobias Farrington is a professional e-fedder..."

I don't like that. Here's why. I'm from the internet generation of the old AOL sign on screen, the annoying dial tone screetching sound that made you feel like you were on the internet, the little dude that looks like he's running. I'm a e-fedder who began in mail e-feds. And from there we have always had two rules:

  1. In a Created only wrestler e-fed, never mention WWE, TNA, WCW etc. as it was back then.
  2. You are in character. You are in a wrestling promotion, not an e-fed. Deal with it.

In fairness, I've also seen those two rules implemented into board e-feds (long time since I used that terminology). Number two is why it annoys me. You also know what a professional e-fedder sounds like to me? A handler who gets paid for roleplaying. End of the day, I see my characters as professional wrestlers, valets, managers etc, not a professional e-fedder. The e-fedder in question, in my eyes, is always the handler.

To end my first blog, I'm not having a go at anyone, just pointing out perks that annoy me. Comments on this, you guys know where the buttons are.


- Ian

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