Here soon at the eWE, the staff we have a Conference Call and we will take your suggestions, ideas, comments, and all other feedback to better this site. Here is some of the run down that the Maintenance ew has already suggested to the Administration Team and they are:

  1. Manual of Style (MoS) has to be reworked
  2. Rules and Punishments needs to be reworked,
  3. Achievements should be altered,
  4. Confirm or deny any and all administration requests (Maintenance Crew has already confirmed),
  5. Cease and Destroy the Maintenance Crew and revert them to Junior staff members,
  6. Task Forces memberships, and
  7. Overall clean up of the site.

With this said, is there anything else that we need to discuss on to have a better understanding on? If so, leave a comment here and we will use it in the Conference Call.

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